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Women of all ages in the DFW area have a special opportunity to get learn, get support and connect to resources for menopause.  By waiting till you are in menopause to deal with it, women risk it becoming a dreaded time of their life.  Dr. Rashmi Bolinjkar, MD from Texas Health Physicians Group and an expert on menopause, will be conducting a free health seminar on Sat, Sept 16th 4 to 6pm "Navigating Menopause" in Allen, TX hosted by Radha Krishna Temple.

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographics in the workforce today. Waiting till you reach your mid-40’s or later to even think about menopause may have an adverse effect on your health. Yet menopausal education, awareness and support are significantly lacking even in today’s high tech world.

Even if you many years away from pre-menopausal phase, you will benefit greatly from preparation. Since this stage of life will last easily 7 to 10 years, you can’t afford to neglect a big time span when menopausal health challenges could impact a significant part of your life.


Where you are health-wise going into menopause is really an important predictor of what your menopausal experience will be like and what your health will be like coming out on the other side of menopause,” said Carrie Karvonen-Gutierrez, PhD, MPH, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan and an expert on women’s health and aging.

It’s not necessary to go into menopause running for fear that the transition is “just going to slow you down.” With the right care earlier in life, many women feel some sense of freedom as they go through menopause.

Even if you have already past through menopause, you can be an incredible support to your sisters, daughters and grand daughters who have yet to or just entering the menopausal journey… Join for encouragement and inspiration to become a voice of support and mental support.

Register now for Navigating Menopause, one of the most crucial health seminars that may have a huge impact on the rest of your life!

Have Questions?: Email to or call 469-795-9130.



Radha Krishna Temple, located hardly more than a mile away from the site of the May 6 tragic shooting at the Allen Premium Outlet shopping mall, became a reunification point for many local Indian families who managed to escape the dangerous scene as it unfolded. All of Allen was suddenly facing an unspeakable crisis that seemed unthinkable.  

Radha Krishna Temple founder Swami Mukundananda, and leader of worldwide charitable organization JKYog headquartered in Allen, has shared a message to the Allen community. The Radha Krishna Temple has offered its assistance and support to city leaders and community organizations to help those affected by the tragic incident including first responders.

Swami Mukundananda talked about how the Radha Krishna Temple mourned the incalculable loss of life. He said, “Our hearts wish to embrace all our Allen neighbors and friends, and especially those who are deeply suffering through this excruciatingly painful crisis. We are here for you and our doors are open for you.“

Listen to his full message to the community found below.

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Give The Best Valentine's Gift - TLC for the Heart!!

With Valentine's Day approaching and February being heart month, this is an excellent time to give your heart and your loved one's hearts some extra special tender loving care.  Your heart health doesn't happen by accident! It requires your care and attention! Don't worry,  the free Family Heart Health & Cardiology Symposium coming to Allen on Saturday, Feb 11th, from 3 to 6pm offers so many quality ways to care for your heart with programs and activities for all ages! 

Led by Dr. Anand Rohatgi, a leading heart health researcher specializing in preventative cardiologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center, the symposium offers a wide variety of activities from free health screenings , personal consultations, healthy diet program with live cooking demos, yoga for heart health as well as about a dozen kids fun heart health learning activities which comprise the 2023 Kids Heart Health Challenge. Programs are for all ages.

There’s no reason to wait for heart disease to strike when we can all take preventative steps. About 1 in 5 deaths each year are caused by heart disease, that’s nearly a million people every year in the US alone. Over 70% of children in the US have poor heart health according to renown cited study published in June 2022 issue of Circulation.

“We are looking to inspire people to commit to better heart health, said Dr. Bal Khandelwal, MD, an internal medicine specialist, and one of the organizers of this event from Radha Krishna Temple. “We hope that the Community Heart Pledge Wall where everyone in the community regardless of age will be encouraged to post their pledge for their own personal heart health along with the various hands on educational and awareness activities will inspire more people to live healthier longer lives.”

A one of a kind Kids Heart Health Challenge 2023 includes fun hands on learning activities, contests, and games from making your own stethoscope, experiments to learn about the pulse, heart, and circulatory system, jump rope competition, learning heart anatomy by coloring, and more.

“Free community service programs with high caliber medical institutions like UT-Southwestern are special opportunities we create to engage our local communities about pertinent health issues of the day. Despite doctors’ busy schedules we look forward to making lasting positive impact on heart health” remarked Dr. Rohatgi, MD, Professor of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine’s Division of Cardiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, one of the top 15 heart health hospitals in the nation according to US News & World Report.

The symposium is hosted by Radha Krishna Temple in Allen, TX at 1450 N. Watters Rd. Click here for more details and registration.

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Family Fun at HoliFest 2022 in Allen, Sat March 19th


(Allen, TX) -- HoliFest 2022, one of the largest Holi Festivals of the DFW area takes place this Saturday, March 19th 2022 in Allen from 11am to 4pm at the intersection of Bossy Boots Dr. and W. Exchange Parkway. Entertainment features award-winning artists Harry Anand and Shalmali Kholgade from India’s Bollywood, cultural programs, ethnic food, color play, festival bazaar, carnival rides and kids games. The festival is hosted and organized by Radha Krishna Temple in Allen along with many community partners. Tickets for HoliFest 2022 can be purchased on line as well as at the venue on event day.

Holi is one of largest annually celebrated festivals in India and has become popular all over the world with people from all backgrounds and ages. The festival meant to be playful and fun but at the same time it carries deeper meaning about celebrating the color in our lives from nature’s arrival of spring to the colors we paint on our own canvas, from the individual, family, community and beyond.

 For more details, visit



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Sanskriti 2019 is set to take place in Allen, TX on Friday, February 1st and Saturday, February 2nd, 2019,at the Radha Krishna Temple, 1450 N. Watters Road Allen Texas 75013.  Sanskriti is an all-day one stop place fusion of Indian culture and community where  their talents on stage  and receive recognition for their endeavors and talents.  

Competitions include all categories of visual and performing arts, a fancy dress and eco dress competition, chess, carrom, public speaking, acting, and more, both on and off stage.  Additionally on-line contests include: short story, book review, poetry, and short film.

Over a hundred volunteers have been working for months gearing up for this one of a kind event with the sole mission of inspiring the pursuit of excellence through sharing culture, traditions and talent.  

Multiple back to back competitions take place simultaneously and throughout each day.  Judges who are experts in each field will be judging each contest.  An official award ceremony followed by dinner will be held Saturday evening, February 2nd.   City of Allen Mayor, Stephen Terrell is slated to personally present awards at the ceremony. 

Sanskriti will be hosted at the Radha Krishna Temple at 1450 N. Watters Rd., Allen, TX.  Hours are Feb 1st (Fri) 5pm to 9pm and Feb 2nd (Sat) 9am to 9pm.  To register for the competition, fees and other information, please visit or call 469-795-9130 or email to

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Take the #Happiness Challenge to Take Your Happiness to the Next Level!

Starting December 31st, people from all walks of life Allen will be the epicenter of a wave of happiness around the world. People will take on an extraordinary new year challenge to lift their happiness to the next level.  The official global launch of the #HappinessChallenge takes place at 1450 N. Watters Rd., Allen, TX, USA on December 31st at the Radha Krishna Temple. 

The launch opens with an exciting Happiness Scavenger Hunt with surprises and prizes on the grounds.  People will be given a map and some clues for the amazing hunt for happiness. The first of 21 learning videos released each day will be viewed in a group setting.  A follow up reflective task will be given to be completed that day.  The launch will conclude with a Smile-and-Laughathon.  Daily group happiness activities in Allen will be followed live around the world through social media.

Over the 21 days of the #HappinessChallenge  people will receive practical tools and navigational guides for their own path to happiness. We are all in constant pursuit of happiness, yet more often we experience stress and anxiety instead.  No matter what we seem to do, happiness either escapes us, or remains for only a brief while.   “One of the most pleasing and beneficial arts in our life we can learn is the art of happiness”, says Swami Mukundananda, international authority on mind management and creator of the happiness challenge.

Instead of simply conveying happy new year wishes, inspired by this challenge people of all faiths and walks of life across the globe are making a special new year resolution of achieving real happiness.  Focusing on building inward happiness is a truly a small investment that has been scientifically and medically proven to improve better overall health, reduce stress, improve relationships, and increase energy and productivity.

A Happiness Concierge will be open each day for 21 days dispensing doses of cheer and smiles as well as learning resources, tips and tools about the art of happiness.

Live group viewing events of each day’s challenge video are planned to take place around the world.  Happiness Ambassadors, volunteers who inspire others to take part in the challenge, have organized a growing number of events in USA, Canada, many parts of Asia, and Europe.  Starting January 1st, thousands of Happiness Ambassadors across the globe are organizing both private and public group events to inspire people to participate in the challenge. 

Many people come together will  create a wave of happiness across the globe.  Having a global-wide and community focus on inner happiness will not only spread joy and sunshine within, it will also have an outward positive effect on individuals and communities.  It only takes a small percent of people around the world to create a huge impact on outlook, community cohesiveness, and even peace around the world. 

The deep connection between happiness and our quality of life means that the attention we give to how we achieve happiness will undoubtedly have profound results in not only our own lives but also in others who come in touch with us. 

Experience the immense inner contentment that comes from spreading joy and inspiration.  To sign up for the #HappinessChallenge or to become a Happiness Ambassado visit www.jkyog/events/happinesschallenge .  For more info call 469-795-9130.

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On Saturday evening,  November 17th, a Candlelight Circle of Gratitude,hosted by Radha Krishna Temple, took place.  The greater Allen area community gathered on the grounds of the Radha Krishna Temple, located at 1450 N. Watters Rd, in Allen, TX,  for a ceremony where participants formed a large circle to demonstrate the practice of gratitude and inspire others. 

 Starting from one single candle, one single story of gratitude, the flame of the first candle lit the next and so on and another story was shared.  As participants shared more stories the light and warmth and inpiration grew 

 Gratitude is key for happiness and well-being not only of individuals but of communities.  Gratitude s a glue that can hold communities together - helping us overcome differences and challenges. 

This event was organized as part of a greater world-wide campaign of #IFeelGratitude that was launched by JKYog and has been spread all across the globe to raise awareness about the importance of gratitude on the individual, family, community and global level.

Radha Krishna Temple and JKYog, an international non-profit engaged in upliftment of individuals and communities headquartered in Allen, TX.  The organization and #IFeelGratitude campaign was created by Swami Mukundananda, an internationally renowned authority on mind management.  The goal of the organization is uplifting individuals and communities.  The campaign was created to raise awareness about the importance of gratitude for thriving individuals and communities, young and old alike.

Would you like to raise awareness of gratitude in your organization, company, place of employment or group? #IFeelGratitude volunteers can help you get started with your own campaign.  Help spread the wave of gratitude! Visit Radha Krishna Temple through Thanksgiving weekend for further Gratitude activities.  For more information contact or call 469-795-9130.

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The Radha Krishna Temple, a new Hindu Temple currently under construction in Allen, TX, is welcoming the public to participate in a free outdoor yoga festival this Sunday, June 21st, 2015 from 7am to 11:30am celebrating International Yoga Day.  The event is to be held under tent cover on their land at 1450 N. Watters Rd, Allen, TX 75013. 


Participants can attend as many as five (5) free 30 minute unique yoga sessions on the hour and four (4) free guided meditations on the half hour as well as enjoy some free refreshments and breakfast items  starting at 7:00am.


While all the sessions will demonstrate how yoga can be a great way to achieve better health and wellbeing, each session will be unique  covering topics from back care, improving circulation, tuning up neck and shoulders, releasing stress, healthy digestive system, to boosting the immune system.


All sessions are open for all mobility and experience levels.


To RSVP and for further details, visit  or call 972-885-9970.


Certificate of Appreciation Presented to JKYog & Radha Krishna Temple of DallasRadha Krishna Temple of Dallas rallied the DFW Indian community in support of the homeless children of DFW as could be seen by the large number of donations poured in from all over the metroplex.   Enthusiastic support from young and old alike, combined with collaboration with area businesses which served as donation collection points all helped to make the drive a huge success.  A truckload of items have been delivered to Captain Hope’s Kids – a non-profit agency that exclusively supports the DFW area homeless children.

Close to 20 volunteers from the temple community, ranging in age from 10 to 75, came together and filled a large truck with donations collected over the last couple of months, converged at Captain Hope’s Kids’ facilities and worked side by side for several hours unloading the truck and sorting essential children’s items.

Captain Hope’s Kids Program Director, Sam Mattox, presented the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas with a Certificate of Appreciation and expressed the organization’s deep gratitude on behalf of all the homeless children. “You are doing incredible work and making a huge difference in the lives of so many children in need.  We are impressed by all the work you have done to bring the community together, as evident by the amount of donations you have collected.  You are doing amazing work.”

Donations ranged from strollers, bottle warmers, clothing, toys, games, books, bags, to eyewear and everything in-between.   The temple also donated over 300 tubes of diaper cream which was urgently needed. 

This was Radha Krishna Temple’s second visit to Captain Hope’s Kids.  Both times everyone who participated found it not only eye-opening but a heart-warming experience.  One of the youngest participants, Shivan, Age 10, said, “I felt good about helping with the collection drive. I hope my family goes to Captain Hope’s Kids again to help the homeless kids get the things they need.”

With the support of volunteers, the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas, a new Hindu Temple currently being built by JKYog in Allen, TX,  has already been creating opportunities such as this to serve the DFW community, even though the construction of actual temple building  is still underway. 


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Mayor LaRosiliere is set to welcome, world renowned personality, Swami Mukundananda, to Plano, on August 13th, 2014 at 7pm.  Swami Mukundananda is founder of JKYog system of yoga, also known as “Yoga for the  Body, Mind and Soul”.  He is also founder of the non-profit organization. JKYog, which focuses on bringing opportunities to the community for holistic health which include free programs of yoga, meditation and spirituality.


The Mayor is expected to open the August 13th JKYog program conducted by Swami Mukundananda with a  ceremonial welcome on behalf of the City of Plano and speak briefly to attendees.


The program is free and open to the public. It includes free yoga and meditation session followed by a lecture.  The program will take place at the Holiday Inn, 700 E. Central Pkwy, in Plano.  

In addition to tonight's program, free yoga and meditation programs will also be taking place on Thursday Aug 14th, at 6pm.  Lecture program on related topics will take place each night starting 7pm, for more information email to or visit