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Exemplary - Prestonwood Christian Academy System O

Prestonwood Christian Academy School System is proud to announce that Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) again awarded Exemplary Accreditation for another five years.

ACSI Exemplary Accreditation is designed for high performing schools who are seeking to be held to higher standards for all programs and operations. Exemplary schools are expected to effectively meet the Inspire standards and indicators at a high level as well as the modified and additional indicators contained within the Exemplary Addendum.

“We just went through the ACSI accreditation process, and it was a big deal,” said Dr. Michael Goddard, PCA Superintendent. “Sometimes you hear about Christian schools or private schools not having a lot of accountability, but that’s just not true. We went through a hard process that has taken multiple months.”

In addition to simply meeting the indicators at an effective or highly effective level, an ACSI school must have a demonstrable history of exemplary programs and practices in governance, executive leadership, school viability, academic instruction, student learning, spiritual formation, and overall school culture (a vibrant, Christ-centered ethos among students, faculty, and leadership). The school must demonstrate a commitment to ongoing school improvement, evidenced by stakeholder feedback, multiple forms of data, and past accreditation reports to drive successful school improvement initiatives.

“ACSI accredits hundreds of schools. We did the math and about 2% of their schools achieve Exemplary status,” said Dr. Shannon Cole, Assistant Superintendent and PCA Plano Head of School. “I am so grateful for families who sacrifice to have their students here. As I think about our Academic offering, I want parents to know the value of what they are getting. Our teachers are exemplary, and that is why we have obtained this incredible status!” 

Prestonwood Christian Academy serves more than 2,200 students enrolled at three campuses: PCA Plano (PreK-3 through 12th grade), PCA North in Prosper (PreK-3 through 12th Grade) and PCA Online. PCA North is celebrating its tenth school year! PCA Online is celebrating record-breaking enrollment and has been serving students for 15 years. PCA has been recognized as having one of the strongest Christian education programs in the country providing intentional biblical worldview training and integration. The school places great value on the growth of students’ spiritual health in addition to their scholastic endeavors and co-curricular activities. Tantamount to its Spiritual Development plan is PCA’s rigorous Liberal Arts academic program. Since its first graduating class in 2002 through the class of 2023, graduates have been offered more than $178.9 million in scholarships for Academics, Fine Arts, and Athletics from universities and other institutions of higher learning.

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