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Biotech firm deepens ties with UT Southwestern with new 'innovation fund'

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 1/15 6:13A Kevin Cummings
From launch to IPO, Taysha Gene Therapies has maintained strong ties to UT Southwestern. Now, it’s deepening that tie with the launch of a new research fund. The Dallas-based central nervous system-focused drug development and commercialization...

Debunking Common Myths About Fevers

Advance ER 1/12 9:20P
Many of us know the feeling of a fever coming on: headaches, sweating, chills, weakness, etcetera. And while everyone generally knows the steps to take to treat a fever at home, there are many misconceptions that circulate about this ailment some...

Pressure grows for states to open vaccines to more groups of people

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 1/11 12:52A Abby Goodnough
Just weeks into the country’s vaccination effort, some states have begun broadening access to the shots faster than planned, amid tremendous public demand and intense criticism about the pace of the rollout.

Texas Legislature to consider COVID liability protections for businesses

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 1/9 12:00A Kathryn Hardison
An effort is picking up steam at the Texas Legislature to increase legal protections for businesses when it comes to liability for where someone contracted COVID-19. The Texas Civil Justice League is preparing a bill that would heighten...

Britain authorizes Covid vaccine from Oxford and AstraZeneca

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 12/29 11:11P Benjamin Mueller and Rebecca Rob
The Oxford-AstraZeneca shot is poised to become the world’s dominant form of inoculation. At $3 to $4 a dose, it is a fraction of the cost of some other vaccines.

DFW molecular diagnostic company rolls out four-in-one COVID test

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 12/29 7:49A Kevin Cummings
An early pivot to focus much of its efforts on the COVID-19 has allowed GeneIQ to rapidly grow, as well as launch a number of efforts aimed at stopping the virus' spread. And its most recently, the company has rolled out a new test that can...

The Importance of Masks & How To Safely Wear

Advance ER 12/27 12:00P
Whether you are simply breathing or speaking to someone, tiny particles are filtered through the fibers of face masks to help diminish the chances of anything entering or exiting your body. While some certain fabrics and masks work better than...
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