Good Life Family magazine is a free resource for parents with kids from tweens to twenties. Supported by sponsors and advertisers and printed semi-monthly, the magazine has a print subscription base of 7,000 families with kids ages 12 to 25 and is mailed to multiple Collin, Dallas, and Denton County zip codes. It is also available at over 100 distribution sites. The digital version is updated weekly if not daily with breaking news and other content directed specifically to the core parental audience. Featured topics include relationships, family issues, health & wellness, financial security, philanthropy, personal profiles, home, food and entertainment, travel and fashion. Readership is estimated at 24,000 and growing. Visit GoodLifeFamilymag.com. Contact Founder and Publisher Sheryl Pidgeon at 214-476-8131, Sheryl@goodlifefamilymag.com
Publisher puts 30 years of marketing tenure, experience as a mom of three teens and decades of philanthropy i nto one purpose-driven package Launched in...
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