Bottle & Bottega creates social art parties at our partnership venues and homes throughout Plano for public, private and corporate events. Private parties includes birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette, bridal or baby showers, girls night out, or just friends wanting to get together. Corporate events specialize in team-building events creating theme inspired murals for display. No matter your experience, you will have an artistic escape and a quick sense of accomplishment! This fills a creative void - a new kind of yoga!
Join us at On the Border as a Bottle and Bottega artist leads guests in painting! Come out for border style food, drink, and good times! Ticket price includes...
Hand a blank canvas and some painting supplies to a not so budding artist and voila! a Picasso is born! That's never been a promise of any sip and paint party...
A Groupon is now available for 43% off a 2.5 hour painting event on a 16x20 canvas at Bottle & Bottega Plano! Bottle & Bottega Plano is a painting party...
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