Dog grooming may bring up a vision of show dogs getting prepared for their time in the ring. Or, maybe you just see a wet evening after bathing your dog in the tub. Whatever the case, grooming your dog may not sound like a fun or necessary task, but regular grooming will help your pup feel its best while keeping it looking good, too.

Bathing — Depending on the breed of your dog and its daily activities, some dogs may require more baths than others. According to veterinarians and groomers, bathing your dog once a month with dog shampoo or baby shampoo should do the trick to leave your dog clean and fresh without drying out its skin. Following its bath, towel-dry your dog and if they’ll allow it, use a blow dryer on a gentle speed and low heat. Unfortunately, your dog is likely to shake off any excess water, so be prepared with plenty of towels!

Brushing — Brushing your dog regularly is an important aspect of grooming that helps maintain a healthy coat and skin. When brushing your pet, brush from head to tail or from tail to head. Either way works, just make sure you cover the entire coat. Also, pay careful attention to sensitive areas like the face, ears and underbelly. If your pup has mats in these areas, it’s a good idea to have a professional take care of them to prevent a painful experience for your dog.

Teeth — Just like humans, canines need dental care, too. Though brushing your dog's teeth daily is optimal, your schedule may only allow for once or twice a week. Special dog toothbrushes and toothpaste should always be used for canine brushing, as the fluoride in human toothpaste can make dogs ill. To make brushing your dog's teeth easier, pick a time when your dog is tired and less likely to put up a fight, like after exercise.

Nail Trimming — Trimming your dog’s nails can be tricky, as dogs often don’t enjoy having their paws handled. If possible, start trimming your dog’s nails at an early age. That way, they’ll get accustomed to the process and will resist less in the future when they’re harder to restrain. If your dog is apprehensive to having its nails trimmed, start by trimming one paw at a time, allowing for your dog to take a “break” between paws. First-time nail trimmers should see a professional for instruction.

Haircuts — If you’re looking to shape up your dog’s cut, you can likely find a breed-specific instructional guide to help you properly give your dog a haircut. Start by brushing out your dog’s coat to remove any mats or tangles. If you’re using clippers on your dog, be aware of the temperature of the clippers and make sure to check them frequently for overheating to prevent burns on your dog’s skin.

Grooming your dog can be a tedious task to perform at home, so if you’re looking for a safe, convenient place to take your pup, contact Doggie’s Wonderland, dog daycare and boarding facilities located in Plano and Coppell. Doggie’s Wonderland offers grooming services (bathing and nail trimming) in house at both locations. Just schedule your dog’s grooming appointment when you bring them in for boarding or daycare.

Doggie’s Wonderland is a cheerful daily dog daycare and boarding facility with locations in Plano and Coppell, Texas. Unlike most dog daycares, Doggie’s Wonderland follows a “kennel free” philosophy. Unless it is bedtime or dinnertime, all dogs have open access to its indoor facility and outdoor playground. 

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