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U&I is known for providing training and job opportunities for veterans and people with disabilities. But it is also a creative resource for companies and individuals who need professional quality screen printing. 

“Our press has six heads and can print up to six colors,” explains Marcos Vargas, U&I senior screen printer and designer. “We can print on many different fabrics, including cotton tee-shirts, uniforms and even Quick-Dry materials. We pride ourselves in our quality and attention to detail.”

The U&I Print Shop uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest level of detail and color. Whether a client is looking to create eye-catching promotional materials, personalized team uniforms or trendy fashions.

The print shop also offers employment opportunities for U&I clients. “Our concept of inclusion extends throughout U&I,” continues Vargas. “There are many levels of disability…even invisible disabilities that are not apparent at a glance. Our mission is to fit the job around the person. When you find the right person, you want to empower them.”

“Ultimately, we want to be the largest supplier in Dallas for socially conscious buyers,” concluded Vargas. “With our messaging and mission, we’re looking for companies and individuals who want to partner with our cause.”

In 1951, Jean Walker Bentley overcame cultural barriers and spoke out for disabled children and their families. She started the Children’s Development Center to meet the scholastic and socialization needs of children with special needs. In 1981, the federal government mandated that public schools had the responsibility to educate children with disabilities. The organization evolved help veterans find employment and provide vocational training for special education students preparing to transition out of high school.

Today, as one of the largest workforce development centers in DFW, U&I continues to meet the needs of disabled individuals by providing vocational training, job readiness training, paid work opportunities and community placement to more than 1000 youth and adults with severe intellectual, physical and/or mental health disabilities. More information regarding the print shop is available at

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