Why are there no people taking an introductory lesson. I teach the old Bel Canto Technic , a comfortable way of sing, totally natural. Try it you may be pleasantly surprised. Will even work with burned out young singers who somehow studied voice and lost most of it. It takes a long diligently road to recover the voice however, there is no guaranty it depends on how badly the voice has become, so younger singers especially.
I do have some openings left, schedule an introductory lesson at $55 and if you like the way I teach and me, then decide yes or no. After all it is an individual choice, no heart feelings.
Having an enormous patience, I will make you laugh and give confidence which comes with learning how to sing and even your speech will improve like for public speaking.
So hope to hear from you, any age. Starting with someone at 7, if they can concentrate. The famous Opera singer Beverly Sills started at 3 and was in a commercial as Bubbles