My studio is friendly with a very patient teacher, who concentrates extremely on breath control, posture, a good amount of vocal exercises, scales. It is a must to make the voice as flexible as possible. So many eager singers are looking for high notes but trust me if you don't have them you will never get them. Learn and accept some of the limitations of one's voice. All voices are like fingerprints and one must sing with comfort, and in your capability by sending out the voice without force or pushing. A quality voice becomes a quantity voice, for some quite fast for others rather slowly. I truly hope that before I leave this world that I will have some fine students. A young man with a great voice came to me, his approach was incorrect. Starting as a Baritone, following my guidance he turned into a fantastic tenor. Two young girls with such agile voices, such a pleasure. Remember, in order to become a fine singer, will take Perseverance
Why are there no people taking an introductory lesson. I teach the old Bel Canto Technic , a comfortable way of sing, totally natural. Try it you may be...
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