James Vanderpost
New students come to me and talk about their chest voice. I have to explain that what they are singing with is the regular middle voice. chest voice is when a woman sings low and almost like a man. It should or must only be used for certain roles. This fabulous singer uses it to much but personally, I love it. Maria Callas also used it yet singers of today do not sing like this anymore. the new singers sing with a mouth so open it looks to me like they are doing facial acrobatics. Enjoy, especially my students, listen to it, these singers knew how to sing, yes I believe it sincerely. Teachers of today will disagree with me, so let them. I refuse to let my students to sing and look as if they are working their you know what off.  copy and paste then listen to a spectacular singer.  Singers of today do not sing like this any longer, pity pity pity  Still no students in my own neighbourhood yet I am a fantastic voice teacher but how would you know?  I am old and have who knows so many years left to help you.  There I said it

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