Zoe is her name a very special student

 A chorus of thanks to Mr. Vanderpost for giving my daughter a voice. My daughter Zoe was born with a very rare disease called Congenital Central Hypoventilation also called Ondine's Curse. Zoe (my daughter) simply put is on life support machines, when she was a baby she had a trach (tube in her throat), and I was told she would never talk. After years of speech therapy and getting her trach out, she could talk, but her voice was not strong enough. Just a couple of months with Mr. Vanderpost Zoe's started to understand how to breathe better and to project her voice. Mr. Vanderpost taught her, she who sings frightens away her ills. After a year she was singing high and low notes on pitch. Mr. Vanderpost did what medical professionals couldn't do, Mr. Vanderpost gave Zoe her voice. 

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