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Hello everyone,


there is a special I am running, strating now till the end of April.  The Introductory lesson usually costs $55 but till the end of April it will only be $35.

Call and book your appointment, I will listen to your voice up and down the scales, I will tell you honestly if you have a voice to work on.  If after meeting with me and you like what I have to offer, you can schedule your lesson{s} and together we then go on what I call a vocal expedition.


 Karl Martin 
 I have studied classical voice with James Vanderpost for a little
over 3 years now. When I first came to him, I was expecting him to tell
me I was ready for opera. Instead, he did something better: he began me
with scales and the proper breath technique. Additionally, he focused on
the natural method of singing; never straining, pushing, or pulling the
voice like many teachers do. He has always been extremely respectful and
polite, but he will also tell you the truth if you need to hear it.
Thanks to his help, I went from a 2 octave range to nearly 5, and I now
sing art songs and operatic arias.  Because of his teaching, I have
received invitations to audition with music schools such as USC and
Oberlin Conservatory. Not only does his teaching help with opera, but
the natural method helps all singers, no matter the genre of music.
Through high school, I was able to sing in musicals, choirs, and
Gregorian chant, all without straining or bothering my voice. Thanks to
Mr. Vanderpost, I have come further in these 3 years than I ever thought possible.
Zoe is her name a very special student
A chorus of thanks to Mr. Vanderpost for giving my daughter a voice. My daughter Zoe was born with a very rare disease called Congenital Central Hypoventilation also called Ondine's Curse. Zoe (my daughter) simply put is on life support machines, when she was a baby she had a trach (tube in her throat), and I was told she would never talk. After years of speech therapy and getting her trach out, she could talk, but her voice was not strong enough. Just a couple of months with Mr. Vanderpost Zoe's started to understand how to breathe better and to project her voice. Mr. Vanderpost taught her, she who sings frightens away her ills. After a year she was singing high and low notes on pitch. Mr. Vanderpost did what medical professionals couldn't do, Mr. Vanderpost gave Zoe her voice. 


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