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My favorite plant, the Bougainvillea, I have several in my garden, tropical so I must safe during the cold weather

James Vanderpost This great singer  Maria Callasis so so correct, a singer like a baritone must be able to sing everything and should SHOULD not be categorized. Take Jonas Kaufmann and Anna Netrebko they sing it all, they are correct. Teachers who categorize are not doing their job. It is sad because so many Opera singers are missing out on parts they perhaps can sing very well but age is the only thing one must consider. Take Anna Netrebko, started as a coloratura and gradually worked her way up to the more heavy repertoire. Jonas Kaufmann sings everything fantastically because he uses his voice all kinds of singing and it all sounds fantastic

If you go to this link on YouTube you will hear talk about singing   copy and paste,                 you will love the way she explains.  

I do not categorize either, never did and never will.  With one voice you have you must and will be able to sing it all over time.

James Vanderpost If you want to sing Opera you MUST find the right teacher otherwise it is goodbye voice..   Once a voice is damaged or worse, there is no cure.  It happens to a lot of young singers, to eager, pushing the voice and singing in throat, oh so so bad.


Hope you who are interested in singing, call me or email, text and make an appointment for an introductory lesson now still only 

$35.00 lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour

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