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Prepare your taste-buds! The Utopia food is now to tastes even better.

What is the key Utopia ingredient for client weight-loss? -- Delicious, gourmet fresh food to-go. Convenient meals that taste amazing make the Utopia program an easy and delicious way to work towards your weight loss goals. One Utopia client said it best, “…the meals are so good, I feel like I’m cheating!

Well, prepare your taste-buds! The Utopia food is about to taste even better. Chef Mike Smith joined the Utopia team in February as executive chef and his expertise has taken Utopia food from delicious to out of this world.  He's adding dishes to the menu that are so good, it’s hard to believe they are healthy. Staples like Mexican dishes, Italian, steak, even a bunless hamburger with sweet potato fries!

Mike’s Story

Chef Mike Smith has had an impressive career with experience at a number of noteworthy Dallas restaurants including Arcodoro/Pomodoro, Thomas Avenue Beverage Company, 2900, The Green Room and The Common Table. He has earned the respect and praise of critics including a Dallas Morning News 4-star rating, an invitation to the internationally renowned James Beard House and numerous accolades from Texas Monthly, The Dallas Observer, and D Magazine.

Mike sprang to the Dallas culinary scene beginning as a sous-chef and with years of dedication and a passion for food quickly moved up the ranks. He served as Chef de Cuisine, partner, owner and Executive Chef for many Dallas restaurants. Mike also has been involved in health-related projects such as his partnership with Abbot Diabetes Care to create a menu of options to help diabetics maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ultimately, Chef Mike has a big vision that fits perfectly with the Utopia program: he wants to change the way people lose weight. Mike is on a mission to show the world that delicious food and weight-loss are not exclusive of each other. People can lose weight without having to give up delicious, satisfying food and Chef Mike is up to the challenge of proving it.

So What’s Cooking?

Chef Mike’s exposure to a variety of international cuisines coupled with his southern roots provides him with an unmatched culinary repertoire. His style has been referred to as “modern soul food” and Utopia is excited for him to bring his spin to the menu.

Never fear, the Utopia menu favorites will still remain! Everything is just being improved upon. For example, the Turkey Bolognese is a very popular Utopia dish. Chef Mike has taken the Turkey Bolognese recipe and added a signature marinara sauce that he learned to prepare while in training on the island of Sardenia in Italy with a local Italian mentor.

“We also want to re-create some staple comfort foods, that people miss when they go on diets,” Scott Wilder, Utopia co-owner explained. Recently Chef Mike’s patty-melt with sweet potato fries was added to the menu and has received rave reviews from loyal Utopia clients. Also in the works, a quesadilla! Stay tuned for other Utopia menu improvements and additions.

For more information about Chef Mike visit the Utopia Team page. If you’d like to find out more about how Utopia Food & Fitness can help you lose weight and get fit visit their website at or visit their Plano location: 5805 Preston Rd Suite 594, Plano, TX 75093.

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