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The new operating rooms average 700 square feet and feature natural light.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano has completed a $25.4 million perioperative services expansion, increasing the hospital’s operating room count to 18. The hospital will begin caring for patients in the specially designed operating rooms on June 15.

The expansion project, which began in 2014, was designed to better meet the needs of Collin County, which has the second-highest projected growth rate in the state, according to the Texas Office of the State Demographer.

For Dr. Gary White, general surgeon on the medical staff and medical director of the hospital’s Level III trauma program, the unveiling of the five new operating rooms is the culmination of a two-year project to enhance the level of care provided to patients. White served as the physician leader of the project, working closely with other physicians, clinical staff members, hospital administration and the architecture company to design the rooms with both the caregivers and patients in mind.

“I'm proud of the result, but am even more proud of how it came to fruition,” White said. “Realizing that this space, this technology, these new rooms are only just real estate without the input of the clinical professionals who will use this space day in and day out, the team here at Texas Health Plano set about asking all the right questions.”

The operating rooms, which average 700 square feet, were designed to include the advanced technology needed for complex joint and spine surgery with one very special feature: natural light. The distinctive layout and location of the rooms allows for natural light to filter in, adding to the airy feel of the large rooms. 

Each operating room has audiovisual capabilities so surgeons can stream secure real-time footage from the operating room, making collaborations with specialists across the country as easy as the touch of a button.  The technology can also take photos during the procedure to include in the patient’s medical chart.

Large, high-definition flat-screen monitors on the walls display radiology images for physicians and nurses to see during surgery. Also displayed on the walls are patient information systems so physicians have access to patient data and lab reports. Sterile touch screens control the temperature and lighting. Power booms are used to lift surgical lighting, monitors and other specialized equipment, suspending them from the ceiling on easily adjustable swivel arms, giving the rooms a sleek appearance free of cords.

            “Operating rooms can easily start to look disordered, with a variety of devices, displays, carts and cords,” said White. “With the integration of technology and the ergonomic operating room layout, the rooms are very open and streamlined, making it easier to care for the patient.”

The expansion added 27,000 square feet of space on the back side of the hospital, which is anchored by a new, larger central sterile area designed to increase efficiency and improve workflow for care team members.

“The location of the central sterile area is a particular benefit,” White said. “It used to be, in the middle of a surgery if you needed an extra tool, a nurse would have to run down the hall to get it. Now, it is just a room over. This may seem trivial, but timing is everything in surgery. Shortened surgeries and less time under anesthesia are better for our patients, and little things like this add up to overall patient experience and outcomes.”

Four of the new operating rooms were designed specifically for orthopedic surgery, and the fifth for scoliosis and spine surgery. For Isador Lieberman, M.D., M.B.A., FRCSC, orthopedic surgeon on the medical staff and medical director of the Scoliosis and Spine Tumor Center at Texas Health Plano, the new operating space will help meet the needs of our growing community.

            “Staying active and pain-free plays a huge role in our well-being and our quality of life,” Lieberman said. “The demand for orthopedic and spine surgery is going to continue to increase, especially as our community ages, and the expansion of the facility is going to help our patients get treatment and be back on their feet as soon as possible.”  

Already a market leader in orthopedics in Collin County, Texas Health Plano performed approximately 1,400 orthopedic surgeries last year, which accounted for almost 20 percent of the hospital’s total surgical volume.

                “The technology that was added in the new operating rooms will actually increase our ability to perform more complex procedures at Texas Health Plano to serve our community,” said Roger Emerson, M.D., orthopedic surgeon on the medical staff and medical director of the joint replacement program at the hospital. “I’m especially looking forward to using the audiovisual technology, which allows us to not only treat our patients, but to share our best practices with the next generation of surgeons.”

            The operating room expansion was part of a capital project that totaled $33.4 million, and also included adding a new electrophysiology lab for cardiovascular patients, updates to the labor and delivery rooms and a new coffee bar, named Healing Grounds Café by employees.

            “This project was an opportunity to make a significant investment in the health of our community by enhancing the quality of care here at Texas Health Plano,” said Josh Floren, FACHE, hospital president. “We thank everyone who has worked on, or around, the expansion projects over the past two years. Investments like this make us excited not just for today, but also grateful for what it can bring to those who need this hospital most in the future.”

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About Texas Health Plano

                Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano is a 366-bed acute care hospital and recognized clinical program leader, providing technologically advanced care to Plano and surrounding areas since 1991. The hospital’s services include orthopedics, cardiovascular services, oncology, pediatrics and women’s services. An affiliate of the faith-based, nonprofit Texas Health Resources system, Texas Health Plano has more than 1,600 employees and 1,300 physicians on the medical staff. For more information, call 1-877-THR-WELL or visit

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