It’s a dreary fall day in Fort Worth. On the heels of a huge storm, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital is struggling with leaks. You know the type – the ones that only show up after a major rain and are totally elusive. In fact, some seem completely impossible to repair. It’s like trying to solve an irresolvable case. Fortunately, there are those commercial roofers who like to tackle the impossible, just like Sherlock Holmes has done for years. Through any one of the famous books and various movies and television shows, including the most recent Elementary, you can find Sherlock taking on those tough to solve cases, and using unusual methods of deduction, solving them in grand style.

Much like the famous Watson, with her own methods of deduction and skill, Dalila Vallejo-Newhard, KPOST Company business development representative, shows up at Texas Health Harris Methodist on this dreary day. She understands the challenge that hospitals face after a major storm, and knows that with the right team of savvy professionals, she can ensure the hospital will be leak-free in no time. Desperate for assistance with a leak in the OR, THR Harris Methodist building maintenance supervisor Kobe Owens turned to Dalila for help. And KPOST answered.

“While we recognize we were there at just the right time, our ability to quickly respond to their needs and get a team on-site within a few hours really helped put the hospital back on track after that big storm,” said Dalila. “Our service team is great at finding and repairing leaks. We have a different process from many other commercial roofing companies, so we are able to tackle those seemingly difficult leaks and get them repaired.”

The Problem with Leaks

Tracking down a leak is a specialized skill. It is a combination of art and science, and takes experience. KPOST Company’s service department has the skill and ability to chase down even the most problematic leak. But why is finding and repairing leaks so complicated?

Water can travel vast distances before making an appearance in your building. The entry-point may not be close to where the leak actually shows up. Not only that, but weather events such as snow, ice followed by a drought can fortify a leak by shifting the building creating additional cracks and crevices for water to enter the building.

To truly become a world-class service technician, you have to understand how all the elements have impacted the building, and figure out how to find the exact entry and exit points for the water. Only then can you put a stop to the leak. It takes quite a bit of detective work, and some leaks are more difficult to chase down that others. “Our service technicians have an average of 10 years of experience tracking down leaks” said Tracey Donels, KPost Services Manager.

The Big, Bad, Tough Leak

Unfortunately there are “chronic” leaks that can appear and create havoc, particularly in environments such as hospitals where leaks are particularly devastating. You don’t want to have a leak in any type of building, but those who will lose product, productivity, and patients are particularly vulnerable. Take the case of the 5 year leak.

THR Harris Methodist had tried diligently over five years to have particularly frustrating leak repaired. No one could find the root cause. Enter the “Sherlock Holmes” of commercial roofing repair – the KPOST Company service department. Using the KPOST methodology, the team was able to find the leak and repair it, solving the case once and for all!

Kobe Owens of Texas Health had this to say “Your team has been very easy to work with. They do a great job overall and as a bonus have also done a good job with keeping the roof safe and clean during their service. We look forward to having them out again this week to repair additional leaks.”

Keeping It Clean

Hospitals & manufacturing facilities have specialized needs and are highly regulated. Between the ACA, OSHA and other governmental regulations, it is necessary to take extreme precautions when working in these buildings. When selecting a commercial roofing company to service these specialized needs, it is important to consider the following:

  • Following the Rules – do they understand the regulatory pressures of your environment and are able to accommodate them? For example if you need the team to work in hazmat suits do they follow that request?
  • Experience with Healthcare Facilities – does the commercial roofing company have solid, reputable experience in working with a living breathing facility? Find out through testimonials and references.
  • Good Recordkeeping – can you find out at any time when they last worked on your facility, what they did, and what it cost? Ensuring that the commercial roofing company has the ability to provide you with these records online that gives you the background you need, and the peace of mind that they are tracking the work performed.


“Anyone can say they repair leaks, but it takes a savvy commercial roofing partner to understand all the nuances and needs of the healthcare & manufacturing community,” said Steve Little, president of KPOST Company. “Find a commercial roofer with experience in complex installations, proven successes in finding and repairing leaks and a solid online reporting system to improve the customer experience. This is what to expect and will ensure you get the best service. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the unenviable position of paying to repair the same leak over and over.”

You can find more tips and information in the KPOST Company white paper If Farmer’s Predict a Rainy Season, Can You Keep Water Out of Your Building?“ Download your free copy and learn more about extending proper roof inspections as well as great tips for keeping water out of your building. Download now!

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