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Innovation by individual Junior Leagues was recognized at the 94th Annual Conference of The Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) through the presentation of Junior League Awards in areas ranging from community impact to fundraising to leadership development this past May. The event brought women together from among 291 Junior Leagues in four countries in Atlanta. The Junior League of Collin County was presented with Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Community Impact Award, which was a big accomplishment for their hard work that has been put into such an amazing program. 

“The JLCC is incredibly honored to have been awarded the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Community Impact Award for our work on JuMP. We started this work over three years ago with the Collin County Juvenile Probation Services with the goal to not only reduce recidivism rates among young adults, but to also provide a positive, goal-focused program for youth that may not have the opportunity to attend such training. JuMP gives us an opportunity to have a real and tangible impact on our community,” states Jennifer Tinsman, JLCC President 2015-2016.

Additional Junior Leagues recognized include for innovative programs:

Junior League of Phoenix

Junior League of Houston

Junior League of Quad Cities

Junior League of London

Junior League of New Orleans

Junior League of DeKalb County

Junior League of Phoenix

Junior League of San Angelo

Junior League of Midland

Junior League of Cincinnati

Junior League of Los Angeles


In addition, long-time Junior League of Toronto member Martha “Martie” Strayer Russel received the 2016 Mary Harriman Award for Community Leadership, The Junior League’s most prestigious member award, and the Junior League of the City of New York’s DeNora Getachew and the Junior League of Phoenix’s Jessica Eldridge received Rising Star Awards, which recognize and celebrate emerging leaders from within the 291 Junior Leagues.



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