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Texans love the benefits of RV travel and life as shown in 2015 as Texas led the nation in RV sales representing 7.95% of all RV categories combined.  Coming in second at 4.12% was Florida, according to the 2015 Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Industry Profile.   In 2015, Texas’ earned $1,755,323,700 in direct economic impact of RV related sales and services alone as determined by John Dunham & Associates for        


Following the Baby Boomer generation, the next generation of consumers ages 35-54 has remained the fastest growing segment with the average age of current RV owners at 48 years of age as compared to 60 years of age during the 1990’s.  Generation X and upcoming Millennials seek original products that may be customized to fit their lifestyle, digital control over their vehicle’s amenities and seek brands that demonstrate a social conscience consistent with their own.   Today’s RV travelers are diverse in ethnicity and background however all share an appreciation of adventure, outdoor activities, cultural immersion and desire for a quality connection with family and friends. is the advocacy group for RV travel and highlights several bloggers dedicated to the diversity of RV life.  From former NFL player Keith Sims raising his family on the go in the off-season, entrepreneurs working remote, families seeking life experience based education, artists documenting the countryside, travel writers providing immersion insight into a destination; the content is broad, deep and inspiring.


No matter the demographic or travel preferences, RV vacations can reduce vacation costs up to 73 percent as found in the RVIA Vacation Cost Comparison.


Current estimates place 1 in 12 vehicle owning households in the U.S. today have a recreational vehicle.  No matter if a household is a current, past or prospective owner; survey responses favor the intent to purchase an RV in the future according to the (RVIA) 2015 Industry Profile.   

Over twelve thousand shoppers are expected to attend the SOUTHWEST RV SUPERSHOW September 14-17 at Market Hall to experience the latest innovation, technology and advancements in RV life and travel.  Shoppers will experience the most affordable and value-packed options in 2018 models and 2017 close-outs.  RV manufacturing has benefitted from advancements in production and state-of-the-art design to offer travelers the best in modern conveniences and technology.   Low interest rates and aggressive show-only pricing make RV travel an affordable lifestyle.


More than 400 units are on display throughout 350,000 square feet of display space, plus additional displays in the parking lot area.  Each day of the show offers a variety of seminars on RV ownership and vendors with the latest accessories to enhance RV travels and life.  Professionals are on-site to provide financing and insurance scenarios.  National manufacturers are represented by regional dealer members of the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association which produces the multiday event.  

Complete information on dates, hours, discounts available, admission and coupon can be found:

Southwest RV Supershow takes place at Dallas Market Hall, 2200 North Stemmons Freeway Dallas, TX 75207

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