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Children do better when parents do better.  And when families succeed, the community thrives.  This vision is the motivation behind (NTXF).  Founded by Dallas’ 116-year-old nonprofit, ChildCareGroup, NTXF is a comprehensive database in the form of a mobile-friendly website connecting families with resources, services and benefits.  NTXF provides information on community resources from:  early childhood programs, education, parenting support, health, food, transportation, finance, work and legal services.  There is no comparable tool in the area giving families a central access point to all of these services.

Prior to, families and service providers would become frustrated and discouraged trying to piece together accurate information on community resources that could help them build healthy and productive lives.

“ChildCareGroup uses a holistic, two generation approach in our work with young children and their families.  Providing children with a quality early education is not enough; we must also ensure that their parents have access to the other services and resources they need to be healthy and more self-sufficient, stated ChildCareGroup CEO, Tori Mannes.  “ provides a solution for parents who need to find services for their families and for the social workers or case managers at area nonprofits who wish to refer their clients to other community agencies.  We look forward to working with our nonprofit partners to expand the NTXF site and collaborate more strategically to improve the lives of North Texas families,” continued Mannes.

Established in 1901, ChildCareGroup's mission is to promote, deliver and expand the best early care and education programs for children, parents and early childhood professionals.  Over the years, the organization realized that families face many separate but related challenges that impact their ability to achieve greater self sufficiency.  For example, without reliable transportation and access to affordable child care, how can a parent sustain a job or pursue an education?  The sharp decline in median income, lack of affordable housing and transportation has resulted in more neighborhoods with concentrated poverty.

According to Mayor Rawlings’s Task Force on Poverty, Dallas families are facing poverty. 

  • 31% of Dallas County children are living in poverty
  • Over 50% of Dallas households make less than $50,000 per year (of which 28% make less than $25,000 per year)
  • 48% of Dallas County residents have a high school diploma or less
  • 61% of Dallas County households are single-parent homes


ChildCareGroup created the comprehensive database using the technology of Austin-based company, Aunt Bertha, and customized search categories to specifically serve families. Users may search the site by city, county, zip code or area of need.  The search results provide program and contact information on service providers throughout North Texas.  Funding for was provided by Carl & Florence E. King Foundation and Communities Foundation of Texas.    ChildCareGroup will partner with providers throughout North Texas to continually update their information on the site so to better serve families and increase community impact.  

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