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It’s no secret that Americans carry stress in their bodies on a regular basis. Roughly 79 percent say they feel stressed at least once a day, and 77 percent say that they regularly experience physical symptoms manifested by their stress.

That’s where Stretch Zone steps in. The experts at this unique business tackle flexibility from a neurological perspective and deal directly with muscle’s nervous tension. Without overstretching your body, they can help with all sorts of stressors, from chronic pain to daily stress.

The Plano location opened in September 2017 and Dallas opened June 2018.  They have been offering practitioner-assisted stretching to the surrounding communities ever since. “Think of it as an effortless type of yoga,” says Becca Menhart, Stretch Zone’s area manager. “We approach stretching from a nervous system standpoint. Clients can expect to come in and lay down while we gently stretch them out.”

This beneficial service isn’t just for the elderly or invalid; Menhart says that Stretch Zone sees people of all ages and conditions. “We work with high school athletes, fitness instructors, nervous system disorder patients, post-physical therapy patients, sedentary individuals, and office workers. Flexible or not, our programs are personalized to each individual client.”

Once you begin working with Stretch Zone, you’ll receive numerous health benefits. Clients report feeling less stressed, decreased tension, improved mental clarity, better circulation, better sleep and even boosted athletic performance capabilities.

“Our goal is to provide our community with as much relaxation as we possibly can,” says Menhart. “We’ve got Plano and Dallas going strong, and a Southlake location coming in 2019.”

To learn more about Stretch Zone Plano and how it can help you achieve a healthier, more comfortable state of mind and body, visit You can also call 214-396-3989 to speak with an expert or schedule your first stretch.

*Article sponsored by Stretch Zone DFW

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