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Candace Winslow, executive director of The Storehouse of Collin County

Corporate and nonprofit leaders share experiences and practical advice, including how to lead with authenticity and compassion; the importance of communication, doing the right thing, and teamwork

St. Andrew United Methodist Church launches “Leading People,” a podcast featuring conversations with church members and non-members; males and females; and big and small companies both public and private – all sharing personal leadership experiences, perspective, and wisdom, appropriate for any level of leader. St. Andrew’s Senior Pastor Rev. Jones and co-host Julie Chisum engage with these leaders in real and transparent conversations covering a wide range of topics, from things they wished they had known at the beginning of their careers to how to lead with authenticity and compassion, and the importance of communication, doing the right thing, teamwork, prayer, and more.

“When I stepped into my new role as senior pastor a year ago, I knew I was blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible leaders within our church,” said Rev. Arthur Jones, senior pastor, St. Andrew. “I reached out to them, and we met one on one, and I asked them for their advice in my new role. I received incredible counsel that I immediately knew would also be helpful to others leading people in today’s world. Whether we are leading within our family, work or faith, everyone wants to be their best selves. We want to lead with compassion, honesty and authenticity, and with faith, not fear. How incredible it is to be able to tap into the experiences of others and share that wisdom with the community?”

“Leading People,” a free podcast that launched June 1, will continue with a new episode each week throughout the summer. June guests feature:

June 1Eric Hutto, the new CEO of Diversified and former COO of Unisys; Candace Winslow, executive director of The Storehouse of Collin County; and Natalie Mills, a global ladies fashion, jewelry, and accessory brand with an in-house initiative focused on giving back to others.

June 8: Robert Taylor, executive vice president, senior advisor, United Supermarkets, LLC (Market Street); retired as CEO, 2021

June 15: Dean Clubb, retired 1998, executive vice president over defense systems and electronics, Texas Instruments (TI). Clubb worked at TI for 30 years.

Upcoming speakers in July include Brent Garrett, business owner; Jenny McGhee, senior sports executive; Scott Rowe, former CIO; David Ridley, retired Southwest Airlines executive; Carolyn Getridge, former school superintendent, and more.


“I believe each podcast has something you can take and incorporate into your life,” added Rev. Jones. “Choose the right way versus the easy way, treat people equally, and be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn, are just a few valuable takeaways from some of the featured June interviews. Thirty or 40 years ago, there were shared expectations about values and culture and what unites us together that have been lost over the last few decades. It is our hope that these conversations will provide valuable and thoughtful advice to help us share our values with others in today’s world and go forward as our best selves.”

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St. Andrew United Methodist Church began in 1986 in the spirit of its namesake, a disciple of Jesus. The life of the Apostle Andrew embodies the church's mission, which is to invite the Christian-ish and the unchurched to become passionate servants of Christ. The congregation of St. Andrew follows Jesus, lives in relationship, serves others, and takes risks in faith. Worship includes four services each weekend on a 21.2-acre campus at the corner of Plano Parkway and Mira Vista in Plano, Texas, where more than 2,000 people gather each weekend. Recent renovation allows the Sanctuary to host worship in both Traditional style, with the classic pipe organ, and Contemporary style, with a new LED center screen and lighting technology. Small groups and Bible studies gather on campus and throughout the region every day of the week. Mission opportunities serve our local area, neighboring regions, and global communities. The church has been repeatedly selected as a "Best Place to Worship in Plano” by the readers of the Plano Star Courier. St. Andrew United Methodist Church is located at 5801 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, Texas 75093. Visit; call 972-380-8001.

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