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Newly formed Tella Firma Solid Earth Foundations ( is revolutionizing the way home foundations are built in and around North Texas.  The company was formed to take advantage of a proven technology patented in 2011.  The Tella Firma patented system offers a solution for North Texas homeowners worried about active soils and the increase in earthquakes in the area and what these problems might do to their home’s foundations. 
“Buying a new home can be the biggest investment you make,” said Jim Fontaine, Tella Firma CEO and President“A Tella Firma foundation will give new homebuyers the peace of mind they need to feel confident in their investment, not just today, but for years to come.  Our foundations are designed to withstand the area’s notorious soil volatility and give homebuyers a foundation they can trust.”
By using a field-tested, patented process of elevating a slab-on-grade foundation, Tella Firma is able to create a protective void between the ground and the home itself.  This application isolates the slab and guards it from damaging soil swells, contractions and unexpected movement caused by light earthquakes.  Most foundation damage results from soil movement that can be caused by expansion and contraction of clay soils due to moisture change or by seismic activity.
“Tella Firma is the long-awaited answer to the need for an economic way to create structurally suspended slabs,” said Fred Marshall, President, Structural Repair LLC and General Partner of Advanced Foundation Repair, LP.  “When compared to the use of carton forms, Tella Firma is a faster, more convenient and less costly way to create a suspended slab.  We at Advanced Foundation Repair are delighted to be working with Tella Firma to lift slabs.”
The Tella Firma foundation system is based on commercial engineering principles that have been in practice for over 50 years. The system provides the strength and protection of a pier-and-beam foundation, yet is much more affordable and takes less time to install when compared to most traditional suspended foundations. Tella Firma foundations also utilize a green installation process, as to avoid the need to use any type of chemical or water injection into the soil under the home.
“Every year, homeowners spend tens of millions of dollars on foundation repairs,” said Fontaine.  “The key for Tella Firma is to give North Texas homebuyers a foundation that significantly reduces the risk of failure, and do so in the face of the soil movement we encounter here.  The need in DFW is immediate, of course, but we plan to expand throughout Texas.”  
Tella Firma gets its name from the Latin “strong home.”  Foundations with the company's product have been installed throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, with plans to expand into new residential and commercial developments throughout the area.  For more information, go to
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