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Dr. Jeremiah Johnston

Prestonwood Christian Academy School System and Prestonwood Baptist Church announced on April 24 that Dr. Jeremiah Johnston has joined their staff in a dual role with a goal to undergird a biblical worldview in all aspects of the school and church.

Dr. Johnston, one of the most recognized and brightest scholars in the church today, will serve as Associate Pastor of Apologetics & Cultural Engagement at Prestonwood Baptist Church and Dean of Spiritual Development at Prestonwood Christian Academy. He is president and founder of  Christian Thinkers Society, whose mission is to train and equip Christians to defend the core truth at the heart of the Christian faith.

“For over three years, my wife and I have prayed over how the Lord would lead our family and our ministry to be part of a local church, serve on the pastoral staff team and fully utilize our gifts, scholarship and the ministries of Christian Thinkers Society to enhance a school and local church collaboratively,” Dr. Johnston said. “We have sensed a very clear call to Prestonwood Church and Prestonwood Christian Academy System of Schools. We desire to add value to the culture of excellence and join the mission of Prestonwood Church and Schools, which is ‘excellence in all things and all things to the glory of God.’

“Audrey and I, along with our five children — including our triplet cowboys — are elated to be joining the Prestonwood family and community.”

Dr. Johnston is a New Testament Scholar called to equip Christians to love God with all their hearts and minds. Author and co-author of eleven books and Bible studies, Dr. Johnston is passionate about resourcing believers to give intellectually informed accounts for what they believe. As a theologian and culture expert, he has the unique ability to connect with people of all ages, making him an ideal fit for both Prestonwood Baptist Church and Prestonwood Christian Academy.

“We live in an ever-changing world and a culture that is constantly shifting — and not for the best, to be honest — and as believers we need to be firm in our foundation so that we may stand strong for truth in all areas of life,” said Dr. Jack Graham, Senior Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church. “The addition of Dr. Johnston and his expertise and spiritual gifting will help undergird what we instill at both the church and school.

“I truly believe this partnership will become a model for churches and schools as we seek to engage with our biblical worldview in an increasingly hostile and secular culture.”

Dr. Johnston will also provide professional development training for Prestonwood ministers, staff and key leaders -- focusing on trending questions, best practices in communicating faith in a post-Christian world, including the development of certificate programs and further education for pastors. He will work in tandem with the PCA team in creating events, training sessions, teaching series and conferences specific to cultural engagement and effectively communicating a Christian worldview.

Dr. Mike Goddard, Superintendent of Prestonwood Christian Academy School System, said the school seeks to equip students in their Christian worldview and to model Christ-like leadership.

“We look forward to Dr. Johnston’s role at PCA in expanding the equipping of our Biblical Worldview curriculum and integration at the local, national and international level.”

Prestonwood Christian Academy School System is made up of six schools serving students across the Dallas Metroplex and virtually throughout the world. More than 2,000 students are enrolled at four campuses: PCA Plano (Pre-K3 through 12th Grade), PCA North in Prosper (Pre-K3 through 11th Grade with first graduating class of 2023), PCA Hybrid (a three-day in classroom/two-day at home program) and PCA Online. St. Timothy Christian Academy in Plano serves students with learning differences and The King’s Academy provides a Christian education to students in South Dallas. The PCA School System has been recognized as having one of the strongest Christian education programs in the country providing intentional biblical worldview training and integration. PCA places great value on the growth of students’ spiritual health in addition to their scholastic endeavors and co-curricular activities. Tantamount to its Spiritual Development plan is PCA’s rigorous Liberal Arts academic program. From the first graduating class in 2002 through the class of 2021, graduates have been offered more than $154.6 million in scholarship for academics, arts and athletics from universities and other institutions of higher learning. PCA is now enrolling for the 2022-23 school year. Go to for more information.

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