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Dallas entrepreneur Dan Jenkins revitalizes a vacant anchor store with an indoor 15-court facility as the Pickleball Kingdom expands in North Texas.

DALLAS, TEXAS – October 13, 2023 – Texas approaches a new milestone in the world of pickleball as Pickleball Kingdom - North Texas, guided by the entrepreneurial expertise of Dallas-based commercial real estate developer Dan Jenkins, prepares to introduce the state's largest dedicated indoor pickleball facility. With 15 indoor courts coupled with outdoor surfaces, this game-changing establishment will reshape the pickleball landscape in North Texas. Located in Plano, this expansive facility is slated to open in January 2024.

In partnership with the Pickleball Kingdom franchise network headquartered in Chandler, AZ, Jenkins has secured the rights to develop and operate five Pickleball Kingdom locations across North Texas, including Plano, Keller, and three other facilities. Committed to fostering pickleball growth, the franchise aims to offer convenient facilities within 10-15 minutes of North Texas communities.

Initially, the Pickleball Kingdom team was challenged to find a location with at least 40,000 square feet, but their search led them to a vacant anchor store. The building owner, who shares an appreciation for pickleball, expressed enthusiasm for Pickleball Kingdom's vision and recognized the potential for revitalizing the available space.

"Since my childhood days of playing pickleball at camp, my love for this sport has been a lifelong companion. It's a game that brings people together, creates lasting bonds, and fuels a passion that never fades,” Jenkins, the Chief Visionary Officer but also referred to as Papa Pickle, expressed his enthusiasm for these developments. “As we prepare to open the largest indoor pickleball facility in Plano, we invite our friends and neighbors into a world of excitement, community, and healthy competition. I can't wait to see players of all ages and levels come together to become a part of the Kingdom experience because ‘life is better with pickleball’!”

PK Plano’s state-of-the-art 15-court indoor facility, located at 1301 Custer Road, Plano, TX, 75045, offers year-round play and these additional highlights:

1. Fifteen (15) Dedicated Indoor Courts:15 indoor pickleball courts featuring outdoor surfaces, favored by pickleball enthusiasts, will provide ample space for players of all levels regardless of the weather.

2. Food and Beverage Cafe: Coffee, protein shakes, and a variety of grab-and-go food options for purchase will keep players energized and refreshed.

3. Internet Lounge: An internet lounge will be available for players and members to socialize and stay connected between games.

4. Corporate Events: The facility will be equipped to host corporate events and parties, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for team-building and entertainment.

5. Pickleball 101 Classes: Free introductory group classes provide newcomers with a quick transition from learning to playing within an hour.

Pickleball Kingdom is also excited to share that plans are underway for a new, from-the-ground-up location in Keller, Texas for Summer 2024. This expansion will bring the same exceptional pickleball experience, with more indoor courts, amenities, and a commitment to fostering a vibrant pickleball community to the city of Keller.

For more information about the Plano grand opening, including founding member incentives, and other locations, please visit:


Pickleball Kingdom - North Texas is the premier destination for pickleball enthusiasts in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Owned and led by local entrepreneur Dan Jenkins, this Pickleball Kingdom franchise is rooted in its commitment to offering exceptional facilities, expert guidance, and cultivating an inclusive pickleball community. With a dedicated mission to ensure that pickleball is accessible and enjoyable for players of all skill levels, Pickleball Kingdom extends its club services to various communities across North Texas, including Plano and Keller. The state-of-the-art indoor facilities, complemented by coveted outdoor playing surfaces, offer year-round opportunities for players to enjoy the dynamic sport of pickleball. All are invited to embrace the joy of pickleball and participate in creating memorable moments on the court. Welcome to the Kingdom!

Visit our website at and follow us on Instagram (@pickleballkingdom_plano).


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