On days like today, National Coffee Day, there's a mandatory moment everyone should take to remember the weather in North Texas is perfection for basically one month. So at BITE City Grill, home of Chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin (or Chef Eddy T.), we are taking advantage of fall's perfect patio weather for lots of fun events and new features. 
My personal favorite? Our new fall cocktail, the Café Mordere, prepared tableside and will LIGHT up your life. This drink, along with the Sagittarius (AKA the Pot Drink by customers) joins the other zodiac libations on our menu already known for taking cocktails in FW to a whole new level. 
Other events in October include: 
BRUNCH is now on the menu!
Canines & Cabernets 
Oktoberfest features
SAVE THE DATE: Announcement of Chef Eddy T's new restaurant on Nov. 4.