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Children Learn Valuable Lessons About Gardening, Composting and Giving To Others

Last school year, the primary classes (1st – 5th grade) at The Children’s Workshop private school constructed an African keyhole garden. This is a raised, circular garden approximately 3 feet high constructed of salvaged bricks with a central compost “chimney” that requires minimal water.

This year, we have produced an abundance of vegetables and besides enjoying eating our harvest – broccoli and English peas are favorites – we decided to offer our organically produced vegetables and collect money for Save the Children Federation. We hoped to collect enough money to send an orphaned child to school for one year. We sent out order forms and received more requests than had anticipated. Our produce was kindly supplemented by gardeners of the CommunityHarvestGarden at Community Unitarian Universalist Church.  Much to the children’s delight, we collected enough money to send three children to school.

Learning about horticulture, composting, the benefits of encouraging earthworms and good nutrition are worthwhile lessons in themselves. Being able to help others in this very meaningful way has taken our efforts to a whole new level.

Our school motto is “where love and learning flourish” and endeavors extending our gardening beyond Plano have given our motto an added meaning.

The Children’s Workshop is located in the heart of Plano at 1409 14th St. Celebrating our 42nd year, we offer quality education for children ages 3 through 5th grade. Summer sessions will begin June 17th.  For more information, visit our website at or phone 972-424-1932.

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Friday, May 31, 2013