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Young Men's Service League National Training Conference

Plano, TX, April 28, 2018:  The Young Men's Service League (YMSL) National Board, led by President, Pam Rosener and Co-Founder Julie Rosener, will hold the annual 2018 National Training Conference in Plano on Saturday April 28. YMSL was founded in 2001 in Plano to assist, serve and support those who are in need in our community, to develop leadership skills among the membership and to promote mother-son relationships.  YMSL has grown to more than 86 chapters in 14 States and has a five year goal to more than triple that number to 250 chapters nationwide.  The existing chapters made up of high school aged young men and their moms served more than 300,000 individual hours in the 2017-2018 program year.  We know the great impact the service and volunteer hours have today on our members, their families and their communities.  This year's focus is on Grit. We are excited to see the positive and impactful changes that we can create if we set an example where young men, all around the country, have the Grit they need to lead with their hearts and serve in their own communities.  

Local YMSL Chapters will be sending delegates to our National Training Conference in Plano this week.  Our agenda is organized to provide them with a solid foundation and the tools needed for a successful 2018-2019 program year. We are very fortunate to welcome Keynote speaker, Caroline Adams Miller.  Caroline is the world's leading expert on Goals and Grit(TM).  She helps people get more grit, achieve their goals and find happiness.  A Harvard graduate with a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania, she has authored six books including Creating Your Best Life and Getting Grit.   She will be introducing us to the way hard goals and authentic Grit can create awe-inspiring change.  YMSL will be incorporating Caroline's philosophies into the new "Young Men with GRIT" program expected to launch this year to empower our members to set goals and make choices that create positive change and will lead to their happiness and success, to have the strength and the tools that they need to carry out those goals and to inspire others.