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Damage in Seaford Some of the damage in the Seaford community

At the end of October, many areas in the Northeast were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Today, there are still many people who are struggling to get back on their feet. The Planoette family has personal ties to the Seaford, Long Island community and heard of the plight of one of the local elementary schools. Many homes in the area had been flooded, the school sustained damage and students and teachers were having trouble getting even basic supplies.

The Planoettes started a Relief Drive for the Seaford community. Word got out and soon the entire PSHS Community was involved with the effort. The National Honor Society, Student Council, Dancing for a Cause, staff and many other organizations all contributed to this worthy cause.

“I could have never imagined our drive would attract the attention it did," said Morgan Ericson, Planoette Captain. "It was so inspiring to see a community come together like this to help others.” 

The Planoettes partnered with the Seaford Manor PTA, coordinated by Seaford's Debbie and Kenna MacLean, to distribute the donated items directly to their school community. Planoette parents donated boxes, packing materials and covered the shipping costs to get the items sent directly to Seaford.

“It was such a great feeling to know that all the items generously donated by the Planoettes and extended PSHS Family were going directly to another school district that is desperately in need,” said Katy Ericson, President of the Planoette Bootbackers.

The supplies were due to arrive in Seaford in late November and the community there can still use support.  The PTA page has a list of items, but being here in Texas, the best thing to do would be to send gift cards to the district.  

The Planoettes drill team of Plano Senior High School is made up of nearly 80 junior and senior girls and the awesome Maroon Guard. The team is under the direction of Meredith Walraven, with Assistant Directors Lindsay Placke and Jennifer Janak.  For more information, visit

For information about what the PTA in Seaford needs, please click here.