There are City of Plano signs all over the place.  Evidently, the populous cannot read—no, that isn't a jab at public or private edcation either.  It is really simple: you go to the City of Plano website and find the times and days of the week you can water.  Then, if you have one of those automatic devices, make the settings coincide with your days, times and so forth.

Sunday, on our way to church, we are driving along Spring Creek Parkway and we see right there, on the north side of Spring Creek, a sprinkler system just sprinkling away.  Last I looked, Sunday wasn't one of the days one can water.  I get frustrated by nonconformists, especially when it is a topic that is extremely public, and, like I said earlier, there are signs on every other street corner.

My thoughts stretch to: it is all a situation of doing the right thing.  We have a lot of those issues around here.  Speeding is one, as is not using the turn signals in the vehicle one drives.  Oh, but we are quick to use the horn.  I was sitting at a intersection a few days ago and the light turned green.  Before the bulb could be fully lit, there came a horn.  Now, this wasn't a "reminder toot" as if the driver had been involved in completing a text before proceeding through the intersection.  No, this was a, "Hey, you are wasting my precious time!" honk!

In closing, I would just like to say to all:

Just do the right thing, and you'll soon notice all around you are doing the right thing as well.  Try it for a week and see for yourself!