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Planoette Production set - Gladiators Production set for Planoettes ADTS Competitions

The 2012-2013 Planoette year came to an official end with the Senior Mother Daughter Tea at Glen Eagles Country Club on May 5. As the 2013-2014 Planoettes kick off their year, this year’s team would like to thank all their supporters. 

The Planoette Bootbackers are the BEST booster club in Plano and are amazing in their support! Thanks to the students and faculty of Plano Senior High for their unwavering spirit and Plano Pride! Kudos to the band for all of the great halftime shows! We raise our paws to all Wildcat fans for the cheers, tailgates and football fun! A very heartfelt thanks to our families, for all the sacrifices and support over the years as we have reached for our dreams.

The Planoettes would also like to thank the many organizations, companies and talented people that supported them as well. 

  • Zeta Tau Alpha for the joint Pink Out campaign 
  • Robert Vanman and WatchGuard video facility for letting the Prop Pops build our amazing coliseum in their facility almost every weekend in January and February
  • Bill Sharpe for artistic finishes to our coliseum
  • Chris Stone for our awesome chariots
  • Keith Walraven and Dean Doles for transporting all of our props to Galveston and Denton!

Meredith Walraven, Lindsay Placke and Jennifer Janak, your leadership and companionship are without peer. It’s not easy to put up with 70 plus teenage girls but you do it day in and day out with grace. Thanks for your talents and all the hours you put in on our behalf.

Finally, from the 2013 Seniors, to all past and future Planoettes: As we transition out, we hope we’ve done the Planoettes proud and set a great example for those following in our footsteps. Once a Planoette, Always a Planoette.