Advertising on is the most affordable way to get a new local customer. It is cheaper than buying a cup of coffee a day, easier than buying a book on and less of a commitment than that person you dated in high school for two months., the Dallas-Fort Worth leader in hyperlocal news, is paving the way for local businesses to reach a built-in audience that lives, works and goes to school in the neighborhoods they serve. On Tuesday, May 14, BubbleLife launched the Neighborhood Sponsorship Package, an inexpensive way to attract new customers for only $99 a month.

“With the Neighborhood Sponsorship Package, local businesses are showcased alongside the community news that more than 100,000 of our readers trust,” said Saffie Farris, publisher at “Their businesses will receive exposure every day – 24 hours a day on our news website along with coverage in the daily email newsletter to our subscribers.”

A local business needs to remind the community that it is open for business. With’s Neighborhood Sponsorship Package, it is now affordable for neighborhood businesses to have a consistent presence in targeted areas.

The Neighborhood Sponsorship Package features several types of ads to attract new customers to your business, including:

  • A front page ad on a news website 
  • An alternating featured business ad on a news website
  • An alternating featured text ad on both a news website and daily newsletter 

As an introduction to, the package also comes with a limited offer of your choice of one of three bonus offers: 

  • A free mobile website ($199 value)
  • A free banner design ($199 value)
  • $10 off per month during the life of your advertising ($120) 

Advertising contracts run on a monthly basis, and paying for your advertising is a piece of cake.

Get started today by clicking here to visit the BubbleLife Store or call us at 214-233-0740 if you have more questions. 

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