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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the 2nd Annual Timeless Love Gala, hosted by Agape Resource & Assistance Center, will be held on Saturday, Feb. 10, 7-11 pm at the Cotton Mill, 610 Elm Street in McKinney. The VIP reception begins at 6 pm. This Art Deco-era inspired theme captures the Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, the Great Depression, and World War II.

As guests step into the historic McKinney Cotton Mill built in the early 1900s, they’ll step back in time and experience 1900-1945 with period music, dancing and food. Think jazz legends Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway.

“While most people associate the 1920s with flappersand speakeasies, it was also an era of dramatic political, economic and social change,” Janet Collinsworth, founder and executive director, Agape Resource & Assistance Center. “In Collin County, we’re witnessing economic and social change, too. In the shadows of corporate headquarters, upscale shopping and top-rated schools is a silent epidemic of poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Collin County has 3,000+ women, many with young children, who are homeless. We can’t be silent anymore.”

“The women and children at Agape spend 12-to-18 months with us,” added Cynthia Garrison, MS, CLFE, program director. “We provide a holistic approach that addresses critical long-term housing, transportation, childcare, counseling, education, accountability, and support services. Our hope is to empower these women and create transformational life change for their children and children’s children. They leave understanding how to become self-sustaining head-of-household providers.”

Plano resident and single mom Susan* came to Agape after CPS took her newborn son who tested positive for drugs at birth. Motivated to get her son back, Susan completed her treatment and counseling, got a job but needed a safe place to live. Today, she’s two years clean, has been promoted and earning a certification in CAD. She plans to work for an engineering or architecture firm come May. 

“Agape gives you a chance to dig your way out of the hole you’ve created. In the past, I lived in fear. Today I love living life, I plan for the future and love my son well. Agape gives you a home, they know your name, your whole life story, they’re my family. Here, I’ve learned to be patient, forgiving and understanding – important attributes for being a parent. I don’t expect someone else to fix me anymore. At Agape, we (the clients) have to work as hard as they (the staff) do. If we don’t, it shows. It’s a collaboration. The ultimate goal benefits everybody. I’m becoming a productive, contributing member of society - and that’s good for everybody,” said Susan with a smile.

Timeless Love Gala is the annual signature fundraiser for Agape Resource & Assistance Center and enables this unique nonprofit to continue serving families such as Susan’s. Agape relies on the generous donations from individuals, churches, civic and corporations to continue its mission. Special thanks to the 2018 gala sponsors: Real Foundations, Milestone Partners, Domus Studio Group, Women with Promise, The Davis Loan Team/Mid-America, Prosperity Retirement Group, and Superior Hire.

To purchase tickets, become a sponsor or make a donation click here.

*Susan's name was changed.