The Plano Environmental Health department received notification from Collin County Health Care Services of one human case of West Nile Fever within ZIP Code 75025. The total number of human cases reported in Plano in 2013 is three.

The department continues to follow Plano’s Integrated Mosquito Management Program by identifying areas for mosquito habitat reduction, monitoring for mosquito activity, and applying mosquito larvicide and spray abatement measures as necessary. 

Successful management of the area mosquito population and protection of residents is a cooperative partnership between City staff and residents. Residents are advised to exercise the following preventive measures:

  • Reduce mosquito breeding habitat by draining standing water, cutting high grass and clearing excess brush at home
  • Maintain swimming pools
  • Use mosquito repellant containing DEET or an alternative compound approved by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Avoid outdoor exposure when mosquitoes are most active - times near dawn and dusk 

Call the City of Plano’s West Nile Virus Information Hotline at (972) 941-7180 for answers to most commonly asked questions regarding the virus, for suggestions of at-home prevention measures and for detailed information about the City’s mosquito vector control.

For additional information and updates on Plano’s Integrated Mosquito Management Program, click here.

Story courtesy of the City of Plano