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A consumer finance website called conducted a study of auto insurance rates for different cities in Texas. The study looked at sample quotes for a 30-year old single male with good credit and driving history for a 2010 Honda Civic, and found the average cost of car insurance in Texas to be $556. 

Generally speaking, auto insurance premiums clustered within five percentage points of the average, with a few outlier cities that were around 15% costlier or cheaper. The top three cheapest cities based on the results were Wichita Falls, Midland, and Waco, Texas. On the other end, the three most expensive cities were McAllen, Houston, and Brownsville, Texas. Below are a few select cities ranked from the lowest annual average cost of car insurance to the highest:

  • Denton, Texas: ranked 12th, $535
  • Carrollton, Texas: ranked 13th, $536
  • Mesquite, Texas: ranked 15th, $547
  • Garland, Texas: ranked 16th, $552
  • McKinney, Texas: ranked 18th, $556
  • Irving, Texas: ranked 19th, $558
  • Frisco, Texas: ranked 20th, $566
  • Grand Prairie, Texas: ranked 21st, $568
  • Plano, Texas: ranked 23rd, $570
  • Dallas, Texas: ranked 26th, $581

The original study, full list and methodology are located here: Study of Car Insurance Rates in Texas Cities.

Image Source: Flickr / JD Hancock