Teri Johnson – Guest Contributor
Sep 29 @ 1:32 pm
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Health Services of North Texas brings a robust Pediatric program to the Plano community offering same day sick visits and incredible quality pediatric care. Featuring Dr. Achala Ellepola, Pediatrician.

Dr. Ellepola brings with her 25 years of pediatric experience and the expertise that comes along with being a lifelong learner of medicine, a practitioner of medicine, and a parent of three grown children. “Pediatrics is very rewarding when a pediatrician sees a sick child responding quickly to her treatment plan.”

Quality newborn care will make a difference in a child’s overall long-term health. Establishing a baseline for care and expectations in those first few visits is important. Dr. Ellepola wants to serve as a resource to parents throughout all stages of childhood, but especially during those newborn and toddler years when development is rapid and there are many questions.

Dr. Ellepola’s welcoming smile and approachable bedside manner will help parents as they navigate parenting and gain knowledge about caring for their children, especially children that need behavioral health therapies. “We need to screen and diagnose behavioral health concerns early. The earlier we treat with appropriate therapies the better the chances of achieving healthy adulthood”. She is passionate about equipping parents with tools to help children cope and overcome behavioral health struggles.

When asked why she wanted to join Health Services of North Texas Pediatrics, Dr. Ellepola shares that “There is a gap in quality pediatric care for those in our community that have language and economic barriers, the health disparities are vast, and I want to be a part of breaking down those barriers and overcoming the health disparities. HSNT cares well not only for the child, but also for the parent. When parents are healthy, children have a better chance of becoming healthy and growing into a healthy adulthood.”


If you are looking for quality pediatric care without compromise, look no further than Health Services of North Texas Plano. 

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