The Kingdom School Institute (KSi), traditionally held in Nashville Tennessee, moved to Plano, TX this year. Hosted at Prestonwood Christian Academy (PCA), the conference saw record attendance with over 250 delegates representing 50 schools, including national and international institutions. Conferees attended the three-day event from June 19-21.

Dr. Glen Shultz, author of Kingdom Education God's Plan for Educating Future Generations, led KSi with PCA Head of School Dr. Larry Taylor. Kingdom School Institute (KSi) features a distinct and specific focus: training Christian school leaders in how to build a Kingdom school based on the biblical philosophy of Kingdom Education.

Schultz stated that there is a cultural war going on over two questions. What is real? What is true? “Therefore, this war is a war of ideas and the main target of this battle is the hearts and minds of the next generation,“ said Schultz. “Since education’s main business is the communication of ideas from the teacher to the pupil, the major front of this war will be fought on educational turf.”

KSi included three days of interactive, engaging instruction that helps to equip every department of school leadership with practical training classes including such topics as: Operations and Business Advancement, Student Leadership, Admissions, Curriculum Development, School marketing and communications, Family and Parenting, Athletics, Fine Arts, Lower, Middle and Upper School leadership and more.

Tim Euler of Cambridge Christian School in Florida, who is a regular attendee to many conferences, said, “Kingdom School Institute the best conference I go to every year!”

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