Explore Horizons, the premier British children’s enrichment and tutoring club that currently educates more than 100,000 pupils in the U.K., today announced the official ribbon-cutting celebration for the launch of its third Dallas-Fort Worth location as they continue their expansion in the U.S.

Following the successful opening of their first U.S. education center in Colleyville in March this year and the second in Fort Worth in August, Explore Horizons are excited to be launching their first North Dallas location this month! The new center is located at 6921 Independence Parkway, Suite 100, Plano, Texas 75023, in the Legacy Plaza complex around the corner from the Taj Grocers. The ribbon cutting ceremony is set for the Plano location on November 13, 2014. Parents are invited to enjoy refreshment, and meet the Explore Horizons team, while their children engage in fun and interactive math, reading and writing activities.

Explore Horizons centers provide math, reading & writing enrichment and tutoring for children in Pre-K through 8th grade of all abilities. The curriculum is tailored to each child’s individual needs and is designed as an on-going supplement to a school education. Many courses are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, but Explore Horizons also places importance on challenging children beyond the school curriculum where appropriate. Whether children are finding school challenging or they are at the top of the class, Explore Horizons aims to help children to gain confidence, make academic progress and enjoy learning. More centers are planned throughout Texas, with further growth in progress across America and the globe.

Proof of the success of Explore Horizons in Dallas - Fort Worth comes from Maria Veces the parent of Paula who has been attending Explore Horizons since May.

“The service provided by the tutors is excellent. Their enthusiasm is contagious and makes my child feel energized to learn. They make learning fun! My child is benefiting from the educational reinforcement she needs and the family are benefiting from the flexibility that they need,” said Veces.

 Explore Horizons is open 7 days a week and through school vacations which is appealing to many busy families in the metroplex.

 Results of progress are obvious through kids’ attitudes alone, but true bookworms can find proof of Explore’s effectiveness in an independent research study conducted by the University of Reading in England. The study, which ran from October 2011 to July 2012, tested student progress in math and language arts compared to a control group who did not attend the program. Explore members scored better on standardized tests, achieving 30 percent higher on math than the comparison group.

 Key findings from Dr. Ellie Francis-Brophy and Dr. Christian Nygaard at the University of Reading proved Explore is beneficial to boys and girls of all abilities across all age ranges, including those living in a wide variety of socio-economic areas. Interviews with parents revealed a huge difference in attitude as well as test scores. Parents noticed children overcame shyness, built confidence, became more independent, and were less reluctant to try new tasks without assistance.

 “At Explore Horizons we want children to develop a true passion for learning” said Alastair Dawe, Head of U.S. Operations for Explore Horizons. “Explore gives children the opportunity to overcome their challenges and discover their talents. Our goal is not to teach students how to pass the test, but how to reach their full potential and become successful life-long learners. Children are the future and we believe they are the resources the world should invest in most.”

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