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Bowman Middle School Students Become Pros In 'Financial Football'

(Bowman Middle School Faculty Member Pat Craven stands with Capital One Volunteers Julia Songer, Sylvia Lett and Girish Wagle and Bowman Middle School students at Capital One’s Financial Football event.)

Capital One recently helped students to learn about financial literacy through the combination of sports and video games. Grouped into “football teams,” seventh and eighth graders at Bowman Middle School in Plano tackled the Financial Football Game where they were able to face financial literacy issues head-on, all on an iPad.

Financial Football is a video game designed to teach middle and high school students important financial skills and knowledge that is critical in real-world scenarios such as billing, credit and fraud information. Originally developed by Visa to circumvent the perception of finance as dull, the multiple-choice game is complete with touchdowns, first downs and sometimes fumbles. Students can even choose offensive and defensive plays based on the difficulty level of each question.

“Financial Football is a great way for the younger generation to become engaged and interested in their own financial futures,” said Capital One North Texas/Collin County and Oklahoma Market President David Haufler. “The knowledge gained from this activity provides a lifelong skillset that will be crucial to them before they know it.”

Students at Bowman Middle School did not come unprepared, having recently completed a “training day” with Capital One executives to help prepare them for the types of questions they would encounter during the big game. Capital One volunteers were present at the school to assist in training to guide students on their way to a team victory and to financial literacy.

Through an approach called Investing for Good, Capital One coordinates business resources with a variety of community development and support for local programs and nonprofit organizations. Capital One is committed to supporting education initiatives such as Financial Football that create a positive impact on local communities.



Wednesday, May 21, 2014