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Steve Stoler is a familiar face to BubbleLife readers.

The veteran Emmy Award-winning television news reporter’s career spanned more than three decades at six television stations, including 28 years at Fox 4 and WFAA. Steve’s assignments ranged from covering Texas politics as a legislative correspondent to serving as an environmental reporter. Steve covered almost every type of news story imaginable, from major disasters including tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes gas explosions and oil spills to high-profile murder trials and dramatic hostage situations. He is one of the only journalists in Texas to witness multiple executions.

Throughout his career, Steve became an eyewitness to history. He interviewed presidents and governors. He stood on a ladder in a Midland, Texas backyard, when rescuers pulled toddler Jessica McClure out of a well after 52 hours. He covered the Branch Davidian standoff near Waco, Texas. He was one of the first reporters on the scene in West, Texas after a fertilizer plant exploded.

After 34 years in TV news, Steve moved on to the “other side” of the communications world, or as his former news media friends call it, the “dark side.” In December, 2013, he joined the City of Plano, Texas as Director of Media Relations. Steve reported almost 9,000 stories in his career. With such tight time constraints, tantalizing information and compelling back stories are often left on the cutting room floor.

In Tonight at Ten, veteran Emmy Award winning reporter Steve Stoler shares his “stories behind the stories” from some of the most interesting and amazing reports of his 34 year career. Steve humorously describes his ascent to major market television news in Dallas after stints at some of the smallest and worst television stations in the country.

He shares a wide array of powerful stories, from his emotional on-air battle with cancer to his eyewitness accounts of covering disasters, executions, hostage standoffs and a toddler who spent 52 hours trapped in a West Texas well.

Steve takes the “gloves off” with a no holds barred look at the drastic changes in broadcast journalism that have had a huge impact on the industry. Reviews of Tonight at Ten have been very positive. Legendary sports icon Dale Hansen said, “This book will make you laugh, make you cry and make you mad!” Veteran reporter Janet St. James wrote, “"Through his own colorful and heartfelt recollections, Steve debunks the misconception that journalists are biased, cynical and uncaring. A must read for news junkies!"