As we approach the end of December, take some time to reflect on the year and consider what you would like to accomplish in 2017 ? 

According to Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby, "these desires or goals may be personal or professional or both. Quite often our New Year’s Resolution is a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) and why not? After all, the New Year is a great time to dream about the impact you can make and the leaps you can take in the coming year. In identifying what you want to achieve, ask yourself the following questions and don’t be afraid to think about thrilling, big, crazy and fulfilling outcomes." 

  • What do I want at the end of 2017?
  • Why is this important?
  • If I got this, what would I have?
  • How will I know when I get there?

The inspiration and energy inherent in these questions will be the juice that fuels you toward your goals throughout this year.

Who do you want to be?  "This question sometimes confuses my coaching clients, says Kathleen.  However, it is an important question as you prepare to identify what it is you must do to achieve your 2017 goals. For instance, in pursuing your goal of growing your business by 50%, do you want to 'be' ethical and collaborative or do you want to 'be' ruthless and grasping? It is unlikely that anyone would admit to the latter, but without defining who you want to be, you may find yourself being someone you don’t like. The answer to this question provides the guardrails for how you achieve your goals," states Kathleen. 

What do you want to do? Finally, it’s time to think about actions! So often people start with action, but without prior planning, the action may not get you where you dream to be at the end of the year. 

 Consider attending our upcoming workshop and jumpstart the process of change.  This will be a small-group setting limited to 20 adults. 

Life Interrupted: Five Strategies for Empowered Change ~ Workshop Objectives

In this 1.5 hours workshop, you will gain positive life skills that will equip you to navigate your current and future life changes through a lively and varied format including presentation, one-on-one and interactive activities and group coaching.

  • Get clear on what’s important to you – your values, gifts and purpose
  • SHIFT™ your perspective by seeing the change through a different lens. Bonus: create your own “perspective cards” to help you SHIFT™ your perspective when something unexpected happens
  • Understand the importance of calling on a professional when the going gets particularly tough
  • Create your list of “go-to” supports during change
  • Identify methods to recharge and take care of you
  • Believe in your resilience


Workshop Leader: Kathleen Taylor-Gadsby 

Believing that all people have greatness within, her individual coaching and workshops focus on unleashing the participant’s talents so they can achieve their personal and professional goals in a way that is true to who they are.

Prior to owning her business, Kathleen was Vice President, Human Resources with TGI Fridays where she created opportunities, tools and programs to recognize and maximize employee contributions. She is a veteran of the hospitality industry with over 25 years in small, medium and large privately-held restaurant brands.


Quick recap of event specifics:

Saturday, January 21st

3:30 to 5:00 pm

La Madeleine Café (Meeting Room)

5000 West Park Blvd. (SW corner of Park and Preston)

Plano – 75093


Questions or RSVP to  - 972-670-7078

Event link to both our Plano and Ft. Worth workshops: