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By Claudia Hidalgo DeAguilar
2013-2014 Planoette Publicity Chair 

This year’s show, A Moment in Time, introduced the audience several themes relating to “time” — 24 hours in a day, a clock striking, timeless jewels, forever in love, cherished time, and more. Everyone who attended the Planoettes Spring Show from April 10 to 12 could feel time fly by as they enjoyed every second. The show was absolutely fantastic and the team performed many of their winning routines!

The show offered many forms of dance including modern, lyrical, hip-hop, jazz, military, contemporary, and high kick. Each year, the Planoettes Spring Show consists of routines that were performed at competitions and this year was no exception as they won their 5th National Championship. These performances must be adapted for the stage as opposed to a large coliseum. Additionally, the Officers, Sergeants and Business Officers choreographed brand new routines for the show.

“The Planoettes put in countless hours to present their outstanding Spring Show performance, A Moment in Time. It is evident how much hard work the team puts forth as you watch their polished routines. The Planoettes truly set the standard higher and never fail to exceed it! As a parent, I admire their dedication to perfection and desire for excellence. It was a rewarding finish to a successful competition season! The team received their 5th National Championship title at competitions last month.” said Klare Glendinning, President of the Planoette Booster Club.

“This year’s show, A Moment in Time, was a journey through all things related to time. From the clock striking, to forever in love, to the last time we dance as a team, this team put in countless hours to create, prepare and perform this beautiful show. I’m honored to be the director of such talented and creative dancers. These ladies truly shined at each of the shows,” said Meredith Walraven, Planoette Director.

This year, the Planoettes welcomed the officers from Clark and Vines High Schools as special guest performers on consecutive nights. After three outstanding nights, the curtain came down after “The Last Dance” on a successful and tremendous group of hard working young ladies.

Walraven added, “We couldn’t have produced such a show without the booster support, PSHS staff and faculty, and most certainly our tech help from the theater department as well as Cameron Hefty from Performance Systems. Thank you to all that came and made it an unforgettable show!”

The Planoettes Drill Team National Champions are made up of 65 junior and senior girls and the awesome Maroon Guards. Director Meredith Walraven and Assistant Director Cortney Davis lead the team.

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