Innertreat: Discovering the "I" in Relationship



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It's refreshing when we can see ourselves reflected on or off the television screen; characters like Issa Rae and Carrie Bradshaw make falling in and out of relationships look provocative and humorous. But when awkward and insecure show up in our personal love stories, it isn't laughable. We question our choices in partners and ponder over past relationships, an exercise that often prevents us from achieving the type of love and relationships that we crave. 

This is often because our definition of love is developed during childhood. Yes, our perception of what love looks and feels like is formed well before we're even interested in romance. Trying to understand why we love the way that we love can be difficult or even depressing, that's why licensed professional therapists Alisha Woodall, LPC-S and Genee Francis, LPC-S have created the Innertreat Series.

The Innertreat Series is a collection of guided workshops designed to help everyday women, like you, discover the foundations of life, love and mental wellness.

When was the last time you sat back and evaluated your history of romantic relationships, taking time to truly understand the way in which your heart and mind operate in romance? Chances are that you've never done so, at least not quite like this!Discovering the I in Relationship is a guided journey all about love, helping you explore relationship patterns and outcomes.

Prepare to dig deeper, grow stronger and be better in LOVE.

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Overnight Innertreat ($279) includes guided workshop, materials, food, and lodging.

Innertreat only ($229) includes guided workshop, materials, and food.