Rover Dramawerks – Guest Contributor
Apr 28 @ 12:51 am
HCPA Free Children's Theater



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Rover Dramawerks
221 W. Parker Road
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It's HCPA's tenth season! As a special celebration we are bringing back some of our favorite plays, songs and dances from the past. We'll be doing, "Scooby Doo and the Creeper," "Things Could Always be Worse," "Stone Soup," and several dances.

In "Scooby and the Creeper" someone is crashing the props at the theater and ruining the production. Luckily, Mystery Inc. Is on the case. It's a classic Scooby Doo adventure with the whole gang. Will Scooby solve this mystery, or will the monster win in the end?

"Things Could Always be Worse" is adapted from a classic folk tale. A mother and father have the happiest family in town, but it is just too loud. They go to the Rabbi for advice. He tells them to bring the animals into the house one at a time, and chaos pursues. Will the rabbi's advice make sense at last?

"Stone Soup" is also based on a classic folk tale. Two soldiers are on their way home from war, and trick a group of stingy villagers into sharing their food in order to make a delicious soup.  

The whole production is rounded off with several of our best dances ever. There will be lots of singing, dancing, drama, laughter, and fun! Join us for a great evening or afternoon.