Rover Dramawerks – Guest Contributor
Nov 8 @ 3:50 pm
HCPA Free Children's Theater



Central Standard Time



Rover Dramawerks
221 W Parker Road
Plano, Texas 75023

HCPA presents a Theatrical Story time!

Join us for three great plays, including "The Wolf and 6 Kids," "The Treasure of Maple Valley," and "Tough Chicks."

"The Wolf and the Six Kids" is based on the classic children's tale The Wolf and the Seven Kids adapted by Emmie Park and performed by our actors under 10. The children's mom is out for the day and the greedy wolf tricks the kids into letting him in. He makes off with the five youngest children leaving the oldest, Belinda, still hiding. Will Mom and Belinda be able to rescue the other five kids?

?"The Treasure of Maple Valley" is an original tale written by Anna Park and performed by our kids 10 and over. Four siblings are incredibly bored, so one of them, Ella, secretly decides to plan a treasure hunt. Following her lead they quickly find a poem that hints at the location of the mystery treasure. They must hurry, though, and find the treasure before anyone else. Unbeknownst to them Ella has already shown the poem to another of their friends. The race is on!

Finally, the whole group will be performing "Tough Chicks" based on the book by Cece Meng and adapted by Rachel Dreher. Mama Hen has three tough chicks, that don't behave like the other chicks on the farm. Everyone on the farm is fed up with their nonsense, except Mama Hen who is proud of their uniqueness. In the end the chicks stop a run away tractor from crashing into the hen house, and everyone realizes that those "tough" chicks are truly something special.


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