Rover Dramawerks – Guest Contributor
Apr 11 @ 08:24
HCPA Free Children's Theater



Central Standard Time



Rover Dramawerks
221 W. Parker Road
Plano, Texas 75023

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Free Children's Theater Performance open to the public and great for all ages!

Join us by the campfire as we sing, dance, share some karate, and tell stories. Our stories include two plays written by our children. Hurly Burly, a reenactment of the book Hurly Burly and the Knights by Milton Rugoff, is a comical good vs evil. Our good knights run into a little trouble, but lucky for them there's a good magician, Hurly Bulry, who sees everything. 

Our second enacted campfire story is inspired by the Graphic Novel Series Mail Order Ninja by Joshua Elder. Follow along as a bullied child gets revenge through a ninja she receives in the mail. Things take a twist and our bullies join the good side to defeat the mind controlling villain.

This show has something for everyone: singing, dancing, comedy, karate, sword fighting, ninjas, knights, princesses, a dragon, and magicians. Pop in by our campfire for a great time!


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