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MOVING SALE ENDS 4/15 PICK UP DAILY 9:30am-11pm -See SALE Site for photos and pricing

Please view this website for all my estate and garage sale item photos with pricing at and you can come pick up anything you see 7 Days a Week until the last day 4/14/21 10am-10pm by scheduling an appointment by texting 917-864-4082.
Located by the Frisco Athletic Center by Preston Rd, and Wade Blvd.

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purses and shoes close up.jpg
clothing rack.jpg
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catalog 1.jpg
5 Gallon premium gas container.jpg
3 lb ankle weights1.jpg
Kitchen Table Top1.jpg
3 pc Wall Frames Turq-Brown-Tan Colors.jpg
black bamboo folding wall 1.jpg
food proccesor.jpg
feathered mustard vase 1.jpg
money box inside.jpg
hand bag brown.jpg
Black Desk Table with 3 Drawers- 95.00 dollars 1.j
Weddign album with velvet border.jpg
frame 16x20 inch TWO.jpg
dresser chest 1.jpg
Air Fryer- Power XL Vortex Air Fryer Plus.jpg
Fancy plates and bowls.jpg
coffee mugs.jpg
black pots 15 inches tall.jpg
floral decorative vase.jpg
Cow Hide.jpg
piano 4.jpg
Queen Brass and wood bedrame and head board.jpg
Paper shredder.jpg
queen mattress 1.jpg
Air Fryer- Power XL Vortex Air Fryer Plus.jpg
Lamp 57 inches tall.jpg
hemp plate bases.jpg
black pots 15 inches tall.jpg
1 all stuff.jpg
Tuesday, April 13, 2021