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The NTX Devils are launching March 6th, 2021!


The Devils will be the 4th Texas team playing Australian Football in the US AFL national league (

Australian Football has grown in popularity across the US, and particularly during the COVID pandemic. In 2020 the professional league in Australia, the 'AFL', was one of the only sports to continue a season, and as such games were shown on ESPN and FSN. The popularity of these games led to a new multi year deal for the AFL to be broadcast on these channels. With this exposure, Amazon Prime have also just announced a new 7 part mini-series following prominent players, coaches and officials through 2020, which will air on March 12th called 'Make their Mark'.

In particular, the game has gained notoriety in North Texas as the only American in the AFL, Mason Cox, is from Highland Village.

The Devils launch will be in The Colony on March 6th, with pre season beginning a couple weeks prior. Season training will be in Plano, at Old Shepherd Place Park, and we encourage any and all to come down to a session and try out. Australian football is not rugby, but rather could be described as a mix of football, soccer, basketball and more! It's a great, skilful and athletic game and most clubs field both males and female teams.

The 'Devil' is in reference to the Tasmanian Devil, with the NTX Devils representing the TAS AFL, utilizing their logo and colors (with their permission).

Several local businesses have already come on board to sponsor the club, which is a 501(c)(3), and partnerships are in place with local small businesses. The Devils plan to give back to the community with club charity days and volunteer work.

The club is seeking players, volunteers and sponsors.

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