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Winterize Your Home

Texas weather is known to turn on dime! DFW was hit with tornadoes, snow, and winter’s freezing temperatures within this past month. With anticipated snow approaching this weekend, now is the time to help local residents avoid damages before they happen! Winterizing their home’s plumbing helps to ensure your home is protected especially protecting your pipes.

“Leaving a hose connected outside in winter can cause water left inside to freeze and expand, freezing your faucets and connecting pipes as well,’ says Jamie Wooldridge of BERKEY’S Plumbing “Most people don’t think about this.”

6 Tips to Winterize your Home

• Prepare your outdoor faucets: Remove and drain your water hoses and store them indoors before the first freeze.
• Fix leaks now: Simple ways to Inspect your pipes and spot leaks
• Wrap any pipes in unheated areas of the home: This is crucial for, mobile homes especially. Visit the hardware store and grab some heat tape and/or pipe insulation. Protecting the pipes in your home, from low temperatures is the single most important thing that you can do.
• Tune up your water heater: Start with draining all the water and then you can maintain your water heater without over working it during this time of the year
• Service your furnace: Make sure you have clean filters and call a professional to help with major repairs.
• Let the faucet drip: This eliminates pressure that can build between the faucet and an ice blockage, so even if a pipe freezes, it may not burst.

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