Radha Krishna Temple, located hardly more than a mile away from the site of the May 6 tragic shooting at the Allen Premium Outlet shopping mall, became a reunification point for many local Indian families who managed to escape the dangerous scene as it unfolded. All of Allen was suddenly facing an unspeakable crisis that seemed unthinkable.  

Radha Krishna Temple founder Swami Mukundananda, and leader of worldwide charitable organization JKYog headquartered in Allen, has shared a message to the Allen community. The Radha Krishna Temple has offered its assistance and support to city leaders and community organizations to help those affected by the tragic incident including first responders.

Swami Mukundananda talked about how the Radha Krishna Temple mourned the incalculable loss of life. He said, “Our hearts wish to embrace all our Allen neighbors and friends, and especially those who are deeply suffering through this excruciatingly painful crisis. We are here for you and our doors are open for you.“

Listen to his full message to the community found below.

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