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On Saturday evening,  November 17th, a Candlelight Circle of Gratitude,hosted by Radha Krishna Temple, took place.  The greater Allen area community gathered on the grounds of the Radha Krishna Temple, located at 1450 N. Watters Rd, in Allen, TX,  for a ceremony where participants formed a large circle to demonstrate the practice of gratitude and inspire others. 

 Starting from one single candle, one single story of gratitude, the flame of the first candle lit the next and so on and another story was shared.  As participants shared more stories the light and warmth and inpiration grew 

 Gratitude is key for happiness and well-being not only of individuals but of communities.  Gratitude s a glue that can hold communities together - helping us overcome differences and challenges. 

This event was organized as part of a greater world-wide campaign of #IFeelGratitude that was launched by JKYog and has been spread all across the globe to raise awareness about the importance of gratitude on the individual, family, community and global level.

Radha Krishna Temple and JKYog, an international non-profit engaged in upliftment of individuals and communities headquartered in Allen, TX.  The organization and #IFeelGratitude campaign was created by Swami Mukundananda, an internationally renowned authority on mind management.  The goal of the organization is uplifting individuals and communities.  The campaign was created to raise awareness about the importance of gratitude for thriving individuals and communities, young and old alike.

Would you like to raise awareness of gratitude in your organization, company, place of employment or group? #IFeelGratitude volunteers can help you get started with your own campaign.  Help spread the wave of gratitude! Visit Radha Krishna Temple through Thanksgiving weekend for further Gratitude activities.  For more information contact or call 469-795-9130.

- Contact JK Yog at  
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